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sleepless night

Long ass weekend... went trail riding on the horses, put a new fence up at the lodge, which still isn't done..hopefully tomorrow, that is, after I take my dog Baby to the Vet, she has a tumor pushing against her knee, and she has to have blood work done in the morning... if the cancer has spread then she will have to me put down, which is heart breaking, I have had her for nearly 11 years, she is part of the family, but I can't stand to see her in pain anymore. She is on all kinds of pain med's, but because I live in no where, northern Michigan, and with the Holiday, the vet went out of town and never returned a single call. If the cancer isn't into the blood, that she can just have her hind leg amputated, but at least she won't suffer anymore.

Other then that, I have been trying to get as much done around here before the end of next month, as I am returning to Virginia to try and have a life, planning on buying a home there some time next year, either in Virginia or North Carolina. Until then, I will be leasing a friends 4 bedroom home in Hampton. I am going back to towing and making $800 a week. I am tired of Michigan's economy. It is alright in certain professions, but not for towing, there is not much profit when the cost of fuel is higher then many of the other states, as Michigan has a road tax per gallon, and the roads never seem to improve, yet we pay!

Anyway, that is what is on my mind at this hour... I have to stay awake and make sure Baby is alright, and make sure that I am there so I can help her out to relieve herself every 30 minutes or so. Was up all yesterday, last night... got about 3 hours sleep today, and doing it all over again now! So if you're reading this, chances are, I am still here... so if you're bored, talk to me...if not..have a happy night!
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countin' down

Okay, so the time os counting down for the move. The second week of June and Michigan will be to my back and Virginia Beach will be back into my sights! Seems all my friends there are just as excited about me coming back, as I am! Since I've lived back here in Michigan, its been one nightmare after the other, oh, and the Michigan police can go suck a pig's nut! They are the biggest bullies that I have ever seen, and whats worse, the state lets them do pretty much anything that they want to people. Here is the new one, when you're driving at night, the deputies get on your ass with their highbeams on, and get as close as they can, when you speed up to get them off your ass, they pull you over for speeding, like, Wow! you're speeding, not their fault at all, if you pull off to the side to let them go by, they pull behind you and question you as if every driver at night must be drunk driving.

In Virginia, the police actually go after those who are breaking the laws, because the state there isnt broke, the local governments don't have to harass the citizens to make money, there is enough in the states budget to cover everything. If you ever wonder when you read how crime is up in the state, its because the courts are allowing the police to drag people in for anything, and then they burn'm. mmhmm.. So, there are no jobs here, the jobs that are here, pay next to nothing, there is not enough money to pay the bills, and to top it off, if you drive too close to the center line, you're paying a $85.00 ticket. I can't believe people are trying to come to the states, when the people here are trying to struggle and survive.

If you're reading this, and can't picture how terrible it is here in Michigan, get a book and read about the Nazi's and Hitler, and then multiply that by about 20...and thats the Michigan Judicial System. I am all for forgiveness, but I have a tough time believing that even if one of the scumbag deputies were to ask God for forgiveness now, for all the terrible things that they routinly do, that they would ever see heaven. My dad got a $140.00 speeding ticket last year, okay, so he was speeding, he was doing all of 2 mph over the limit, on a road that had next to no one on it. It was his first speeding ticket since 1965. Tell me there isnt something wrong with that!

Okay, so I was pulled over in Virginia, taking my now, ex-gf's son to school one morning. I was going with the speed flow within the morning rush hour. The Virginia State Police trooper apperently had just came on shift and wasnt quite awake yet. He pulled me over because when he read my tag, he seen it as being expired, after I explained it to him that the month wasnt over yet, he started to blush, and said he was sorry about 40 times, for pulling me over. Gave me his card, and told me that if I was late getting Brandon to school, for them to call him and he'd make sure he was excused. Another time, I was driving through Chesapeake on my way to a friends house. It was about 11pm, and I was driving my '64 Chevy Pickup. A Chesapeake City cop pulled me over and told me that I had a tail light out, I looked at him and said, thanks, "and officer, you have a headlight out", he looked back at his car, looked back at me and said, "have a safe night sir". If anything like that happened here in Michigan, even if the cop was was fault, all you'll get is rude remarks, and still treated like a criminal. That is one of the reasons that 2500 people a month are moving out of Michigan. And now, I am one of them.

Get back to Virginia, where the weather is great, the pay rate is even better, the people are friendly and down to earth, there is far more things to do, and you can go out at night without the worry of being stalked by the police.

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if you think good guys dont exsist, you're wrong, if you think that we will wait forever, we wont. "no one is better then anyone else?" Wrong, the ones that hurt have never been hurt, the ones that hide because all they do is get hurt, can only wait until they never want to tust! if there is no trust, whats the point? Dont assume... Do it right the first time, or dont try
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Here I am, and if you are reading this, here you are too! Can't sleep, have to crawl through the insulation in the attic of my lodge tomorrow, and repair a water line, so that I can have my shower working again. Actually, its a cold line, and if the hot water wasnt so damned hot, I could take one, but it'd melt my skin off. Two 250 gallon hot water heaters connected together, makes it tough to turn the temps down. Okay, then I have to go and pick up my paycheck and deposit it, do my banking, go to the hardware, and then up North to Homeless Depot. Mmm, yeah, writting this blog isnt helping much, lol, just depressing me! lol, not really though, well, maybe a little. And if you are reading this, you must have no life at all, therefor, now I dont feel quite as bad! Haha.

Have a happy day peeps!

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