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û Megan

My Question is wat is life's philosophy?????? and how are we suppose to know it???? isnt it strange how we are expected to just go through life knowing everything we need to yet no one really knows wat life's philosophy is.... so i want to know r we suppose to wait on life because wats meant to happen will happen or r we suppose to make things happen??? and how do we know???? wow okay..getting to deep...but thats my thoughts for now and if anyone has ne freakin idea on this lil philosophy lol pass the info on lol!!! well neway its almost summer and i cant freakin wait!!! o and  i got a freakin job and it SUCKS!!!!! i  hate it!!! lol well i guess thats all for now lol since nobody prob. reads these neway lol i know i sure dont yet i still post  them.....hmmmm curious lol well ttyl tons of luv



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Hmmm... wat can i say...... first year of college is almost over with!!!!! yayayayay. wow have i had the craziest experiences thus far lol *who uses thus* ahahahaha well ne way summer  is almost here and im sooooo freakin excited. I cant wait to see wat this summer brings!!! If its half as great as last summer then I CANT WAIT!!!!!! well lots of luv!!!!!


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I can't wait for softball either. It is going to be so much fun. WE GET TO EAT LUNCH!!! and no basketball offseason!!! We are going to have a rockin' awesome softball season!
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