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WELL! prom was yesterday!! and it was amazing! i can't believe that was my last prom for ever and ever!!! it was super amazing and hopefully i will be able to put some pictures up soon!! well talk to you all later!


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Seahawks vs. Stealers

who is going to win? I have no idea whatsoever!Someone please tell me! Because I sure don't know, i don't usually watch football.  I probably won't know by tomorrow. Please don't beat me up because I don't care.  Maybe if someone explained the game to me i mgiht a little more.  Sorry i am grumpy today. Well if you are rooting for a certain team, I am rooting with you! Talk to you all later!

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Fun With Permanent Markers

Well I was sitting in my Early Civilization clssroom today and xfigured something amazing out, to my wonderful suprise.  You see i have this huge set of different colored permanent markers, and i decided to doodle on my binder.  To my suprise they started changing colors.  The blue turned to orange, the red to green, it was pretty much freaking awesome! It was the binder that was doing it.  so if you have a cheap ass target brand 3 ring binder, try doodling on it with some permanent markers, it is super fun!

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Thank you everyone! I was so suprised when I came on and there were tons of profile views.  I think i got really really lucky!  Good luck to everyone else!  Send out a shout if you like!


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well well, i guess i won an ipod nano! saweet! i wonder if i will get it or not.  if i did that would be awesome!
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