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Unknown as to Why

Found this on another site and love it so i wanted to post it here. Giving them their rights just re-posting it.


What is it when you meet someone on here and you
feel as if for your whole life, you have known one
another? This is something that not even i truly
know the answer to.

All night it sems all i do is wonder and think about
this person, and really do not know why. It is truly
very weird but also very exillerating at the same time.
Just has me complexed.

Feels like when i am not on here or the phone with
him, i am really very lost. Inside this crazy mind
of mine, my thoughts are all running in circles,not
knowing which way to go.

Maybe it's only fate that has led our paths to meet
upon this mechanical machine known as a computer. All
i do know right now at this very moment is that i do
so very much enjoy our time together.

P.J.Page (Lost Poet)

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