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Fallen Angel
Age: 48
Location: Evansville, IN
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My first blog entry

I would like to say hello to everyone. I am new to this hover spot site. So i am basically getting used to it. Little more info on me in this blog would prolly be benefical, eh? Well lets see where should i start. I was born here in Evansville, Indiana...in 1982 me & my family moved to Henderson, Texas. In 1989 we moved back to Evansville where i am still currently residing. I am divorced...i am the one who filed, so please dont say "im sorry"...trust me its all good :) this was back in 1999...so definitly in my past. I have full custody of my 14 yr old son...daddy really doesnt come around much..which is fine with me. I have dirty dishwater blonde hair....hazel eyes...and i wear glasses. I still have a heavy set frame body, but currently changing due to me constantly loosing weight. Due to me having the gastric bypass surgery in june 07. My passion is the paranormal. I love to ghost hunt....take pics in grave yards trying to capture orbs. I enjoy watching horror flicks...the scarier the better. I dont drink or smoke....i used to social drink, but cant now...and i never did smoke. I am currently looking...and getting back into the dating scene. Ive been out of it for a long time..so im nervous & scared in starting. Im unsure what im looking for...im sure tho when i see it i will know. Its to cliche these days saying...i want someone who is honest, trust worthy and genuwine...cause common sense knows these are a definite. Looks definitly arent important to me...but please let me elaborate on that...hygiene is a must..no if's...ands...or buts about it. I want a 50/50 relationship...not one where i contantly have to give and barely receive. I am not a picky person...i enjoy anything & everything.

Well if you read the above...then thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I will end it on this note due to i dont want to bore you to death. If you have any questions please dont hesitate in asking. I am not shy and i will reply back. So take care...and hoping to hear from yall soon.