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û owah tafu liam
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I shook Mayor Bloomberg's hand today. Woo Hoo. Go me.
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Figure it out......

There is a man/woman(for all you politically correct out there) lying in the snow in the middle of Siberia with no tracks around him/her and it has not snowed since he/she has died.  Yet, there is something in his/her backpack that could have prevented his/her death.  What is it?

E-mail me the answer!

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Ponder This....
Why are police officers called pigs?
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Ponder this........
Why do 7-11 and Dunkin' Donuts(no jokes please) have locks on their doors if they are open all day every day?
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Ponder this.....
Why are these numbers called eleven and twelve and not oneteen and twoteen? 
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