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Pork Tenderloin Making
Pork Tenderloin Making Meat Prep: Trim the fat off a whole pork loin or part of one Slice less than ½ inch thick 3/8 to ½ inch thick Place a slice of meat between two pieces of waxed paper on a heavy cutting board on a sturdy table or counter. Pound it out to flatten it out with the side of a big meat cleaver or a wooden meat mallet. It should be fairly thin. To Bread: Beat two eggs in a wide bowl with two cups milk. Fill a flat pan as a 9X13 cake pan or flat roaster with cracker meal, no substitutes for crackermeal. Put the thinly pounded meat in the cracker meal and pat it to coat it on Both sides Dip in egg/milk mixture, put in cracker meal and cover with cracker meal. Pound it in to coat and flatten with the heel of your hand fairly well. Repeat: Dip and bread as just done previously Refrigerate a while before cooking. Put waxed paper between them so they do not stick together. Seal well those you wish to freeze for later. Cooking: Deep fry @ 350 until golden brown – several minutes on each side using tongs to turn them over. Do not over cook, as they may get tough. Personal note: Since you likely will not make them in large quantities I’d try to think of sanitation of how you use the Cracker Meal. You are not a business making many daily. You may wish to experiment finding out just how much you need to do the job so you do not contaminate the left over amount. I suppose you could freeze it for a couple days if you were to make more. My sister is a real pro at these and supplied the instructions. This is an art which when you stray far from LaSalle county is not usually properly done. Locally in a few neighboring towns to give you an idea what these can be like, they can be quartered on four buns. I have literally had them as big as the plate they are on. Thin is much better than thick. I have asked for tenderloins elsewhere and gotten these breaded particle abortions of tenderloins or those more like a pork chop. This is the real thing. Write if you have questions, I will get the answers.
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Hello hover Friends,

I understand peoples internet concerns, believe me I do. That aside I often wonder why do people try to control those they love or worse yet why do the controlled ones allow it. If married, committed etc I completely expect loyalty to one person. Here at this place people get acquainted with no assumptions or desire for infidelity "ideally" This is kind of like a next door neighbor you like to say hello to. Any harm in that?

Recently a lady whom shall of course not be named was removed from my list. I expect after her note she sent that is was not her that did it. Related to this I want to say that I in no way wrongly approached her about anything. Secondly I always attempt to live the "do unto others" way of living. I don't want treated badly so why in the world should I do that to someone else.

I like this site because of the people in it. It's great to be able to send note to you ladies (primarily) and I will continue to do that when I can. You may be married, engaged, steadily dating someone or totally uninvolved with anyone in any way. I'm not chasing anyone, I'm not into bed hopping and as totally beautiful as some of you are that is no way to be a friend by me being selfish and self serving. Some of you on here are quick to be friendly and communicate. I like that being a people person myself. Some of you can't or don't communicate as much and thats fine too.

This is a neighborhood online and we are free to choose whom we care to communicate with as also people are free to say goodbye or no thanks. If some of you are trusted so poorly by the one close to you and you are not doing anything to warrant those fears in them I have one question. If you are not married why are you wasting your time? the distrust will never stop. If you are married then work on making it stronger even if it means very little internet activity.

The grass always looks greener on the other side, but you can turn your lawn into a thing of beauty where everyone who knows you will want what you have in your marriage. I hope that is your ever present Goal.

God Bless and Love to you all, XOXO Ron

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