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Poem about a guy i meet at Star bucks
I hate that word
"sorry" and "good-bye"
i hide so hard
to not hear such a word

it's a pain
for someone so wise
it's hard to understand
for someone so pretty and bright

shes the only one i want
the only one i can date
she walks past me each day
and not see me alive

i want to tell her
but i know it's just
one big
rejection in site

I'm scared
i know
I'm a wussie
don't tell me

can you stand rejection
when you never dated
can you stand rejection
when your in love for the first time

secrets is a part of a lie
feelings is a part of our minds
i can't tell her
so please understand

i love her
i really do
but I'm to scared
tell me why!!

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