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Sense Of Humour By-Pass Operation?

It seems some people on this Site have had what can only describe as a sense of humour by-pass operation!

After making contact with this girl and becoming buddies,I made a comment on one of her pics in which she is seen to be lying down on this bed.I said;"If you lift your knees up you will be in an excellent position".She wrote me a message in which she is threatening to report me to "the authorities".

Whilst I admit that sometimes my remarks do go very near the mark,I would never knowingly abuse in any way anyone on this Site.I have to directly say to the person concerned;Come on,get a life!?
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Rules Of Contact.

My first entry in my blog concerns my contact with a certain girl on this Site.We became buddies some time ago and we have recently exchanged quite a few friendly messages.However after she gave me access to her private album,I thought I'd return the favour by giving her the same access to my album.What happened was that now she has deleted me for apparently breaking rules that she has set for the buddies she accepts.Now forgive me if I'm naive but I thought the ideals behind this Site were that people were friendly and had fun unstead of quoting self made rules!One thing is for sure there will be no such restrictions regarding buddies that I accept!Perhaps in this case it proves an old saying as being correct.That of;There is nowt so queer as folk!

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