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Hey It's Veteran's Day!

So let's honor the men and women that have both faught and died for our country and freedom and those who have faught and returned home!

We should be extremely grateful for the people who risk their lives so that we might continue to have the freedoms that we take for granted!

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You are kinda normal. You have your quirks, but overall you are quite normal. You do get a kick out of doing random things once in a while though.
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My Birthday!!!!

So yesterday was my birthday and I had to go to school...it totally sucked!  But my friends made it fun to be at school! When I got home my Nanny (grandmother) had baked me my favorite kind of cake! It was delicious! I had such a wonderful birthday! So far I have $170 and I'm getting more! Well i just thought I would share the wonderful details of my birthdat with you! Well I've gtg so I'll ttyl....BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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