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Age: 40
Location: long island, NY
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ever feel so alone.or lost .... ever experience anxiety,depression...no family really to turn to anymore.we've all had our rough times.wheather; its no where to live, did this and that , dated this person that one, worked here there,etc............being a mom is the best feeling in the world and its not as bad as one would think to be a single parent ...we all want love or need someone to lean on their shoulder.some people just dont know how to be and i wonder what are you talking about, just be yourself; thats how you should be.if you cant love yourself how can you be happy or give it in return.if you

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true or not to be true

Many dont realize, they just automatically speak or do.thats the not true...people that dont have to think , but take the time to and more; those are the true ones....
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here's another one.lol

well, it's always what you think remember that.you come first then ; let the most important ones in and of course have a lots of fun on the side.life can be Biotch; advice let the others be the bitch and you'll be just fine, shows whoe the bigger and better perosn is................anyone have any thoughts.............you should know by now i can talk forever.tonight short and sweet:)
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life is a rollercoaster
what do you all think.....everyone has their own problems, and success....me i live with an anxiety disorder for about 4 years now, i've always been a worry wort as a child and such but over the past four yrs its been a disorder now.when certain people, such as my family dont understand or i cant be anxious at my own house.its like where do i turn to , you know....i feel crappy , but i'm getting better...then there's everything else on top of that, and being a single mommy with the father of my child not in our lives to be there for our daughter or anything.then general things, then theres yourself either indepandent or dependant, then comes a companion\love.what is love; i could go on and on about that , but really its all about fate.fate is life really i think, you cant really plan things out things all happen for a reason-to learn from to fault from, etc..so, when it comes down to it life is a rollercoaster and you got to keep your head up dont look down at the ground and smile and laugh more.keep on moving foward even if its rough times; it'll pass. thanx for listening to my thoughts once again if you read my blogs..lol...ttysoon:)
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what is love
will; everyone sees it differently...but when someone comes into your life and can change all that you feel; connection,personality,respect,etc...but when someone can make you happy no matter what and stays by your side no matter what, then they are a keeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is true dont  you think, i know so:)
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