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Online Romance / Relationships

OK -- I need some definite help here, or maybe I am asking more for 'insight' than anything else.

During the past few days, I have chatted with a few ppl that claim they have a b/f or g/f. However, upon further discussion, these relationships turn out to be 'online romances'. I am not really sure what to make of all of it.

Call me 'old fashioned', but doesn't having a b/f or g/f mean that you physically do stuff with them. Personally, I have never been in a relationship, with a person I called my girlfriend, where  I never went out with them for a meal, or to the movies, or to a party, etc... Am I just missing something about online romances? Is it all just about talking on the phone, sharing pics, and webcam'n... I find it hard to believe that I might be the only person that doesn't 'get it'. Sure, I understand that relationships are more than physical and that online relationships can be quite 'intimate', but I still feel that something is missing... In addition, I don't get the concept that one does not 'cheat' on a online b/f or g/f... what am I missing here... someone help me please!!!

BTW: It is not my intent to judge or appear that I feel negative towards online romances, I am more interested in what ppl get out of them that I might be overlooking...

If you are in an exclusive online relationship, please educate me or help me understand the 'positives'...

If you are NOT in an exclusive online relationship and feel like positing comments, please feel free...

If you want to send me hate mail too... please feel free! lol

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