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Now what? Then what? When what?
I think that hiking is very fun especially in Arizona. I mean around our town. It's so nice to just go up canyons and stuff especially when you are going to the Amphitheater or swimming at the Narrows. I think that it's almost like it's part of your yard because lots of times nobody else is there to bug you. It's nice to walk around too because there aren't very much people around and I know nearly everywhere in town and if I don't then I know I can't really get lost because it's not a really big town. I wish that I could live here forever but I do want to get a better education then what is avaiable here and I want to live more nearer Mom. Life is going by so quickly. Next year Ferny and Ellen are going to graduate.... and then what? By then Holly will be in Iraq too.
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I can't wait until summer. Than I can have some time away from school. But then again you never know.

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