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No ReGReTs !!!

REgrETs. ReGReTs.. rEgrEtS haaayyy...where did i heard that phrase...? cant remember now...but i guess its true.live your life to the fullest so you wont get any regrets...but it seems all people have their ownregrets. Family..Friendz...Loved ones...Self...Life...regrets gives us a bad feelings, & some people take it too seriously...

Well as for me,i dont take life that seriously,if i commit some mistakes,then so be it!!! yes i say sometimes that i wished i did this,i wish i do that sort of things,but then afterwards i forget a bout it !!! im always heading for the future. I dont think of my mistakes from the past anymore,and if i did,i just saw it as a one of the greatest things in my life...why??? i wouldnt grown up like this if that mistakes do not occur or i say didnt happen...if i did all "i wished i did this, i wish i do that sort of things"(whew!!!) its not me anymore

I am a very different person now like I said about me in my profile with a lot of positive attitude...i always thank GOD for everything that happens to me, good or bad its the same...i leave evrything to HIM ,though I know I dont even say Hi to him daily , HE never fails to help me and even if he did, i know there is a reason out of it.... many times I have realized later on .coz his answers comes thru my angels my friends everywhere in the time of need

Leaving everything to GOD will really do good... COZ my lord smiles at me While iam always walking in His way? coz he knows me what IAM and what I Do.. And God smiles at us each time we overcome and lifts us up when we fail.. so,the regrets??? just leave it...do what you want to do, say what you want to say!!! if youve done mistakes,so be it!!! just be sure that youve learned something and wont do it again,ok??? ITS YOUR LIFE live it to the FULLEST EXTENT & mAKE Ur Own LIFE As sWEET as Possible coz nothing is impossible Since the word by itself says I + M + POSSIBLE .


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Sometime Tears is a Mark of Strength

I know women cry But i had this question in my mind for a longtime

I cried last night so hardly when my emotions was considered in distinctly bad form.I was wondering is that only i cried among men or do really men cry

There is a garden in my heart More beautiful than words,Filled with subtle scents and shades And the rhapsodies of birds.I go there to refill my cup,Or, when I am alone,To find my favorite rock and trace The smile upon the stone. When the wind blows in my heart,Stirring up the sea,I turn my back upon the waves And return to me. I sit beside a quiet pool And gaze down at the sky,& feel a yearning so complete I cannot help but cry ?

God gave us tears in expression of our fears, make tempers greet without exemplary cheers, until the time comes all our mind clears, of the disillusion and regret that sneers. I believe God gave not only women tears to shed, thus, also men gifted with tears to bled. Around us everything not only everybody cries, therefore, living things cry if somebody dies.

Tears is not a sign of weakness, but it is a mark of strengthness. After all these tears are gone, Courage is found and fears none. Tears is not for mere attention, but tool to unload rejection. Flowing while contemplation, until strength comes like resurrection. Coward is a man who knows not to cry, Brave is a man who that makes it dry. Tears is there, either share it bare, but always think, it is bare to dare.

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A Little Bit Every Day

Recently I had a conversation with very good friend of mine who has a long-term goal that will take him a few years to achieve. He seemed overwhelmed with the size of the goal and was getting discouraged.His focus was on all the things he need to do to reach the goal and always his comment while talking to me was, "I just can't do it". It reminded me of the story of the clock that had been running and running:

This clock had sat on the mantle for years. And it ran and ran. One day, the clock began to think about how many times it had to tick during the year. It counted up the seconds - it would have to tick 31,536,000 times a year. The clock seemed overwhelmed - "I can't do it that is just too much." So the clock stopped ticking.Then somebody reminded the clock that it didn't have to tick the 31,536,000 seconds all at one time, but rather one tick at a time. The clock then realized this was okay and started ticking again!

When we set our goals, it is good to visualize the end results. But, getting to our goal is doing a little bit every day; not doing it all at once. So the next time you find yourself overwhelmed by your goal, remember the clock and the number of ticks - do a little bit every day and over time you will reach your goal.

Believe me, reaching your goal is worth it!

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My Blessings Online

God gave me so many blessings some are big, others small, but the blessings he gave me in life its hard to name them all. He has given me many online friends that mean the world to me, without their friendship and support i could never be really see. Just how precious life really is no matter how rough the road, god gave me caring angels, to help me lighten the load. Some i never met yet in this life and some i may never see, until the day we reach heaven where we will spend eternity. To you all, that is my friends here i just wanted you all to know, i would not trade our friendship for any silver or gold.

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A Thought I had Today

So often people use their religions to try and control other people. They shout at other, telling them how they should live, and what they should do in their own lives.Little do these people realize that they've missed the plank in their own eye? They've let their own egos get in the way of God.

See a man's soul by observing his fruits.

Does he condem?

Does he judge?

Does he cause pain and war? Or

Does he use his religion/spirituality to spread love, to make himself a better person, to help others?

I have to wonder where some people see "bomb your neighbour", or "spit on those who disagree with you" our religion teaches us "love your neighbour” and "love your enemies", "if someone hits your cheek, offer them the other cheek as well".

Look to yourself, before you tell other how they should live. We all fall to hypocrisy at some point in time, and we all judge at some point in time, but those who make it their lives to judge others is when it becomes a problem.

Spirituality and religion should be a personal journey, and those who wish to join you on your journey are to be welcomed, but it is not to be forced.This goes for any belief system. In every belief system (except maybe for a few fanatical, yet, ego driven instead of love driven), there is one core message that is brought forward, and that is striving for love and peace.

Why is it so hard for this world to accomplish?

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