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hangin out

what exactly to you does it mean to hang out???

Ok right now i just got this phone call from this guy here in my home town sayin he wants to hang out...when i hang with someone that normally means...........Go to a movie, drink, stay at their place bored as all get out, or somethin on those lines..........but then this guy wants to say ..............dadadada.........badunkadunk........in my.........you know all that..........

first of all i have never heard of such a thing as a real booty call unless it is coming from some pimp to one of his skank hoes and personally i think it is disrespectful!!!!!

anywho next time someone talks about hanging out after that conversation i will now ask him what he means by hangin out!!! the end...........

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I am so discombobulated!!! everything about me can be described with confusion!!

I am seventeen years old but honestly i feel like i should be thirty!! if i feel that way then where am i at now? why am i not making something of myself?

blah blah blah...... confusion is the only thing in my way!!!

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dont question it!!!

Everytime you look around its like all these people are sayin they love someone new just like a week after they broke up with the last love of their life....

How i look at it is that is the fake ones! If you love someone dont question it! but then again you got to understand the meaning of love!

Love is not something that comes just like that to everyone you walk by....If you think that then tell me why we got all this hate and disrespect in the world? Love is something you have to know about! you got to know every little detail with it! yeah you can have that feeling but then a week later you be like man i hate this guy he aint never been worth my time....

yeah that just shows that you just went through that lust stage!! No matter what you go through in life you will always have that feeling that you love someone but take the time to find out if it is true or if its like that puddle you got to jump over when you just got your new white stilleto boots.....

Where i come from love is always said more than done so now it is my turn to go back to the old school and show them how it is really done.... Like you...take a look at what you are doing and what you have done.......

No you cant change the past but when it comes to love you sure can change the future..

One last thing........If you love someone you will change! I dont care how happy you are with the way you got it cuz in a real love relationship you will be happy by changing too! change for the better! Love forever

<3 always

April RaeLana Bevelheimer

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I am soo tired of this!!!! does anyone really know what they want in life? i know i dont!!!

All i know is i want to help people by becomming a social worker but is that really what i want? how can i help someone if i cant help myself!!!????!!!

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police men

the answer to your dreams is to become a police man!!!!!!!!!!!!

~~for all of you who wish everyone liked you and you dont know how to make that happen......

become a police man.......then everyone will pretend like they like you except when you are around

~~Want to be famous?

A police man is known by everyone in the town and everyone has the number!! just because you dont make crap for a paycheck doesnt mean that you dont have everyone thinking about you 24/7

~~Want to become rich?

a police man has the right to take anything that doesnt belong to him and still not get in trouble so become a police man and start taking what you want..

~~Want more action in your life?

a police man gets to see ass and titties all the time oh and a little bubba action so there it is perfect

Yes it is weird but think about it....... Everything that you want in life you can get by becoming a police officer.....think of something that doesnt happen then just let me know i will tell you how it will .....


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