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hey, my name is Eric im a hardworking guy that loves people of all kind. im a big nature freak and love animals and yes bugs to the fullest. i love my beautiful girlfriend lessie!

From Old Forge, PA
Build/Figure Athletic
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I live anywahere im stationedand i study welding and work as a wildland firefighter and i love what i do i work for the Davidson River I.A. Crew....i couldnt be more happy. i am currently taken and do love my baby!<33...and i love every1.i am 21 years old. i am an outgoing guy love to have fun i am planning on going into the schenk advanced forestry program very soon and thats my passion so im all prepared for the best life i could have ever dreamed of. i love animals and bugs of every kind i love trees and all nature...i guess im a tree hugger but im proud of that....i love my mother earth and all she has to offer....i love to help people and will do anything 4 anybody so u need sumthin dont hesitate to ask...everybody is here 4 a reason so have love and respect 4 that person and youll be set in life...and if u want somthin shoot 4 it and dont give up thats what i was taught and ill never stop believing it. i know what i want and i will get every bit of it.... i have 2 wonderful parents that helped me along life with everything i have a beautiful sister getting ready to be married to an awsome guy and a great friend of the best man!!....i have another sister and a cool brother inlaw and a beautiful neice named maddison but thatys all 4 now so hit me up when ya view my page.....much love! peAcEE!!
Music i love music....phsycadelic Trance,classic rock,punk,hardcore,emo,ac oustic, bluegrass....alllllllll music!
Movies Comedy and mystery...make me laugh or make me ancy and ill be set.
Sports WE ARE!!? PENN STATE!!!

just college football nothing else
ima true pennstate fan to the fullest.
Hobbies i love bars and clubs...hangin with my boys from home and work....skiing in the winter......and yes i love to shop(for me only) im really big on, bracelets,and necklaces! i love the diamondS....i also love doing good for my earth and expanding my mind to the fullest.
General a wise man 1nce told me "women are like a new toy. you play with them until they get boring and then you throw it in with the others" ONE LOVE DOESNT WORK!

Man On A Mi$$ion
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12/21/2009 07:03 AM

Nothin much

forbidden love
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12/07/2009 07:38 PM

shiit; not much;
trying to get my life straight; and stuff.


forbidden love
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12/07/2009 03:47 AM

nm; you?

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06/14/2009 04:40 PM

what up magrain hows pa....................

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05/19/2009 09:00 AM

wats u lil bitch how ya been

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01/21/2009 12:32 PM

ok you never come see my sister down here y dent come at frist i can see you save people that good well aint mad at you nothing we can be cool hallo at me by way just tell ur girls hit me request lol

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01/02/2009 08:39 PM

look i went stop talkin my sister for real she got a better man halla that got say

*~ loven me 1st
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11/23/2008 11:27 PM

whats good with ya man i miss ya

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10/27/2008 07:10 PM

been coal mineing thats about it u

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10/26/2008 07:44 PM

what up magrain long time no talka

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08/30/2008 11:12 PM

whats gud with you man halla at me

Matty Boy
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08/14/2008 09:44 PM


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07/25/2008 01:05 PM



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07/10/2008 01:29 PM

yo wats up bro how ya been

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06/10/2008 12:41 PM

ive been gud bro im tryin to get into tcu but how ya been hows everything