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Hey guys. This is Stephanie. I am looking for that special lady for friendship, and maybe more. Leave me a message, and I WILL respond.

From Memphis, TN
Build/Figure Heavyset
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
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Religion Christian
Sign Libra
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All about me? That is funny. I grew up in a small country town. I met my fiancee two years ago, and moved to the "big city." I really do not like it here. I have no friends. The good thing is, I have no enemies. Honestly, I am here to meet that special female to share everything with. I need someone to talk to as well as be intimate with. Yes, I am bi. No "butch" ladies need to reply to my profile. I am looking for a very femme female. Someone i can carry on a conversation with, and still be able to have some discreet fun with. That is all about me. If you are interested, hit me up on yahoo. My addy is hcarrigon. Hope to talk to someone soon.
Music I am not picky about music. I listen to it all. From rap to some classical. In my CD player, at this very moment, is rap. Like I said, I listen to everything.
Movies My favorite movies are horror flicks. i do like comedy and drama. However, i love to be scared. I like the rush that comes with it.
Sports To be honest, i am not really into sports. I can sit back wit a beer and enjoy a good football game. It has to be a good one, though, or I loose interest. No, I do not drink on a regular basis, so don't take that the wrong way.
Hobbies My favorite hobby is no hobby. I am spontaneous, and don't like to plan things unless i absolutely have to. I like to shoot pool or sit at home with a good movie. that is about it for hobbies.
General I guess, in general, I am an all around sweet person. I love to meet new people.

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05/23/2007 03:20 AM

Hope to see you soon. XOXO

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05/16/2007 11:25 AM
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