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iam in bethel!!! woot woot:)

If your mind keeps thinkin that you`ve had enough..but your heart keeps telling you dont give up...who do we be questioning and wondering what is what?...just dont give up....through it all, we all can just stand dont have to be a prisoner in your

From NAtiVE lANd, AK
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Sign I do not believe in astrology
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i live in a igloo..
i have a pet polar bear..
i live in a place called iglooland.!
its fun!
Movies anykind...but...not scary kinds..tehhe
Sports basketball...volleyball..
Hobbies i have lots
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03/04/2010 02:25 PM

man i didn't know u looked... georgous.:D
saw ur pics.:D i was bored there was nuthin to do so i just checked out ur pics.:D

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03/04/2010 01:57 PM

hey hope.:D what u doin? me i'm just checkin my mail. rite now i'm in engines. there's nuthin to do so i'm on my computer. even next hour there's goin to b nuthin so i'll b on my computer in second hour. since our teachers are gone one of my teacher is a coach he went to regionals nd the other went to fairbanks for yuraq. that's where i'm goin to b in three more months in fairbanks.:D didn't know u added me.:D how did u find me? well i'm gonna get goin. k later. take cares.:D

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12/29/2009 06:21 PM

hi hope!!
wat you doing?
me doing nothing
juss droppin by to comment ya!!

buh bye
be sure too comment backk1!
yupp buh bye
yo friend,

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09/05/2009 08:48 PM

hey hope!!
remembeR me??
you smokER!!
lol how you doing?

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02/09/2009 12:26 PM

heller there.....yeah im juss chillin in skewl checkin ma mails... n all yeah iss all gravey yeah i dont have to be good i can be bad all i to be goot stay outta trouble tehe yeah tunt is hella cold ass weather....yeha cant wait til you come.....well ma days been not gewd.....peeps are bein bitchy ti meh......buh i dont pay attention tew them...yeah well imna get going i have nuffin else to say aiight peeace!!!

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01/21/2009 11:00 PM

HI HOPE!!!! guut...n you?? im doing nothing..schools awrite..n im keep forgettin to comment you. im sorry. hehe. im so freakin bored rite now!!! LMAO!! MAN IT WAS SUPER FUN! were all like. "NUQAAR or SNAU do you hear me?" or something like that. was really fun!! remember that time when me you n shuutung were awake at snaus house?? you were all like.."shuutung..put your hands like this." n then shuutung was all like.."WHOA!!!" n then we started laughing HARDCORE! lol.I MISS THOSE DAYS! i know man! this summer is gen be more funner n more memories. last summer! haha..yea..i guess im gen stop here. LUB&MISS YOU LOADS!! bye.

Random Qiat!
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01/21/2009 06:12 PM

guess what hope?!?
im a taurus too...
well, i HOPE so that ull believe me...
well, if u dont, read my page...

Random Qiat!
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12/17/2008 01:56 PM

well, ur the one that looks small... HEHE...

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12/08/2008 07:10 PM

You are awsome, best friend, handsome, cute n fun to hang out with and always a smile.Baby Girl You Dont Know How I Feel Bout ya Cuz We Dont mention it but live my life there's one thing im missin n you can figure it out what or who it is...

miss n love you
that native with attitude

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12/02/2008 10:48 PM

hey hope!! im dont feel guut leightly n im doing nothing. just commenting back. hehe. GOSH! howcome your writing about me?? hehe. just kidding. so. hows the weather there in anchorage?? here in tunt. its pretty cold but not really. =]. oh. yaa. i guess i want those too. hehe. so. caciqsit? wiinga i guess stay on n then go watch tv. hehe. MAN! i have a headache! hehe. but its not that bad. (i guess) hehe. i guess ill write more when i comment back. hehe. bye. LUV&MISS YOU TONZ!!!!

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11/24/2008 11:03 PM

Hey Hope! casit? wiinga nothing. bored. waiting for angut to call. hehe. im so bored n getting tired. hehe. yaa. man! yesterday was fun but cold out! =]. we barely went ridding. hehe. but then i guess i had fun though. haha. my feet were super cold my fingers n my cheeks. but not my back. haha. it was super warm. hehe. so. caqatarcit? wiinga prolly wait for a phone call n prolly go out. hehe. kitakwa. bye. LUV&MISS YOU TONZ!!!

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11/22/2008 05:22 AM

HOPE!!! gosh! its been SOO long! we stopped talking to each other! ever since A.M.Y.F!!! hows you leightly??? whats happenin in the city?? something new?? what sup?? school?? GOSH! so many questions. =]. uumm. okey. lemme tell you things about me. =] uumm. im guut. but i can be better. butt i cant be better rite now. im coughing. n that SUCKS AS HELL! hehe. uumm. nothings happenin in the village. but theres volleyball this weekend. im not really a volleyball person. hehe. it was kinda boring earlier. =]. uum. im doing nothing. just commenting friends. i guess. hehe. uumm. school is so BORING! same work different dayz. but not really the same work. hehe. MAN! i wish the weather wasnt so COLD here in this boring lil village. hehe. hows the weather there in anchorage?? hehe. im so bored rite now! oh yea! i needa tell you something. I MIGHT GO THERE TO ANCHORAGE SOMETIME THIS WEEK! (dont get too excited). its just a might. arite? hehe. I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!!! i cant wait to see you again! man. it was PHUN that time when we went to the hamburger hill. hahaha. but you n ken had to go back. that would suck if i was ridding with him! haha. jk. but it still would suck! hehe. i had to make it allt he way..hehe. man! i miss the time when you slept over n we were talking pics. hehe. i wanted to go bethel this weekend to go watch wrestling. haha. i was gen go with zoia. but i guess we both ta-qi-q-et. hehe. i have nothing to do now! just stay on the computer or watch tv. hehe. but i dont feel like watching tv rite now. man! earlier when me n angut went cheeks were very COLD! i couldnt feel them. even my fingers. haha. HEY! angut has her own snow-go now! n its really kewl! i guess i was the first of her friends to ride with her. haha. I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! gosh. i have a lot to say! cause we never talked in a long @$$ time woMAN! =] jk. but i still cant wait! =]. i wish i didnt lived here in tunt! too boring! but i guess tunts arite. yaa. hey! guess what?? I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZIEREST! =[. cause im startin to think of the past! in the summer when you were here longer! =]. makes me wanna cry!!!!! =]. yaa. i guess im gen stop here. n ill talk more when we get to talk again. =]. LUV&MISS YOU TONZ! n hey! you better comment me baCK! or else...JK! hehe. guutnite. n heres a *GUUT* pic of you when you were here for A.M.Y.F! =]
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11/04/2008 01:51 AM

waddup hope? hehe. i should turn into one of those "wanna-bees"JK! hehe. im bored. yea. so. what sup? wiinga nothing. bored. listenin to some jazz. JK! hehe. im super bored rite now! nothing to do in this boring old vill. unless theres somethings to do. hehe. like: go riddin. hang out. talk. n all. hehe. yea i know! I STILL CANT WAIT TILL AMYF MAN! hehe. MAN! i miss you, kenku, ya know, n other people. hehe. jk! so. what'chur gen do? wiinga. idk. prolly be bored. put the things away n meebe watch tv for a while n prolly sleep. =] GOSH MAN! i cant stop typing! hehe. im havin fun typin. this is the first time that i cant stop typing n havin fun. hehe. prolly cause im too bored. hehe. so. hows school going for you? wiinga. school is not going to guut. hehe. JK! hehe. but then when i dont feel like working. or my classmates. we always c-ung-iit-eq. hehe. like your way. jk! hehe. gosh HOPE! i miss you TONZ! even kenku n yaa. hehe. i cant wait till AMYF! i wanna have fun. instead of bored ever single day! hehe. yea. i guess im gen stop here if my fingers will stop. jk. hehe. yea. i guess im gen go comment other people. hehe. arity. byebye! LUV&MIZZ YOU TONZ ELMO!!! hehe. MAN! i dont wanna stop here. i wanna make a huge comment thing. hehe. i guess im really gen go. try to let my fingers stop typing so much. hehe. they have a lot to do before they die. jk. im really gen get going. hehe. BYEBYE! LUV&MISS YOU TONZ!!!

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11/03/2008 01:32 AM

HOPE! hehe. yea i know! couple more dayz till we PPAARRTTAAYYY!!! JK! haha. but then we're gen have tonz of FUN!! hehe..only if kenku was gen come! MAN! hehe..i guess ive been a guut girl. JK! im not always a guut girl. n you know that. hehe. yaa. ive been doing nothing leightly. just been waiting for a plane ever since yesterday. theyve been canceling the flights because of the GAY WEATHER!!! man..hows the weather there in anchorage??? here in tunt its been foggy leightly. n snow-showering. SUCKS! hehe. man! i cant wait till AMYF!!! its too boring here in tuntuboringliak!!!! hehe. n when theres people..its gen be tuntufunliak! hehe. JK! im so bored right now! n i just came in from riddin. hehe. SUPER COLD! n im still cold. hehe. GOSH MAN! i dont wanna have school tomorrow! hehe. but then..idk. wiinga..prolly watch tv..n get ready for bed. n yaa. hehe.. GOSH HOPE!!! i miss you TONZ! hehe. idk what to say now. hehe. i guess im gen stop here. hehe. guutnite! LUV&MISS YOU TONZ!!!!!!!!!!!!