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My profile is sparse because I don't want people to glance at a page and think they can instantly know me. I'm a tad deeper than an internet blurb.

Wanna know more? Talk TO me, not around me

From Lost in the Midwest, US
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08/09/2010 02:22 PM

Hey cutie,
I hope you got some sleep last night. Hit me up when you get a chance. :)

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03/12/2010 12:38 AM

Poem by Markayia L. Daley
My Lonely Angel
Lonely angel of death, death comes and goes her way.
She flies around all night and day to find life instead she finds death coming her way.
Everything she touches dies in the palm of her hand,one night she cried and prayed to god to take the curse away.
Out of the deathly garden was a light that shined so bright that took her curse away and died again that day.

Poem by Markayia L. Daley
Kiss Of Death
The kiss of death is a kiss of a god it lies in a poison that is all, the poison is our own it's what we fell the death just comes too all that is ill.
The death too all comes near and far.
Death is quick it overpowers all, at the end for a new to come again.

Poem by Markayia L. Daley
Above And Beound
Above and beound the realm of heaven and hell, a key too thee gates lies within the one born of darkness and light.
For when she dies thee world will end and the war of good and evil will begin.

Poem by Markayia L. Daley
God Of Death
God of death come for me.
Make my sunshine into misery.
Take away thee sunshine of the day.
Take it away for another day and turn it into misery for all of those around me.

Poem by Markayia L. Daley
The Dead
The dead of our love ones we miss them still.
They age and died and died so young, keep on dyeing until theirs no one.
But out of the death blooms life and reborn from the darkness and light a new hope a new kind a new life shines.

Poem by Markayia L. Daley
Soul United
Our souls are united to the dead too the living to one and to all.
We cry for the lost rejoice for the saved and sing for the rebirth of a new day.

Poem by Markayia L. Daley
For What
We cry we laugh we love we sing "for what?"
We fell inside we show on thee out side.
for when we love we laugh and sing.
When we are sad we cry and whine for the pain we fell on thee inside and show on the out side.
For what makes us human for what makes us alive is that we cry fell touch and sing.
For that i thank you god for all that brings.

Poem by Markayia L. Daley
Love is like a sunshine day it makes us very happy.
It shines so bright on our most dark of days,let love ones shine the way.
Out of the darkness upon the light love shines so bright to the sky out of the darkness of the night.

Poem by Markayia L. Daley
The Ghost Of My Past
I have done bad to others as others done bad to me,the bad treatment of others and others to me.
Is the ghost of my past that hounts me in the day I hide my sorrow and pain.
At night i cry it scares me so the pain the depress the sorrow...
The ghost of my past.

Poem by Markayia L. Daley
The Death Of My Love
The death of my love i cry for thee as I ask why did you have to leave me.
Upon a night I saw a fearful sight a dream of my love so bright told me why.
"That Gods plan for me was too die"
As he watched me cry he gives me a kiss and said good-bye.

Poem by Markayia L. Daley
A Tearful Night
Every night I cry an ocean of tears from night too dawn.
I cry and cry,say good night while I cry each night.
My heart was beating breaking into peaces until their was no more and died that night, from out of my mother's sight when I died she watched in dread from the blood of my bed...
I am dead.

Poem by Markayia L. Daley
My Broken Soul
I cry I weep I cry to sleep I cut I sewed I bleed.
My broken soul is shattered I put them back together.
One touch one breath one moment one pain it is all it takes for my soul too break.
For sake my soul too my dyeing breath for I have died and I am death.

country mom
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06/02/2009 07:35 PM


country mom
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10/19/2008 01:12 PM

whts up??

country mom
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09/22/2008 11:55 AM

yup i still alive

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09/17/2008 03:44 AM

brad i love you!

country mom
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08/10/2008 01:54 PM

hey bud
whts up nuttin much here u? ttlu bye

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02/08/2008 02:37 AM

YAY!!! im on your top friends .^_^. so whats new with you???

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01/26/2008 03:33 PM

i fuckin miss u

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12/11/2007 09:50 PM

""Give this heart ♥ to every person u care about including me if u care. Try to collect 12. It's not easy..."""

Dawn Manees
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11/04/2007 06:56 PM

Hiya again : } Hope ya had ah good one : } HAPPY THANKSGIVING : } Dawn : } Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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11/03/2007 04:43 AM


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10/12/2007 06:13 PM

Let's see a pic of YOU in those boots!