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From A small hole of a town..., AU
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Sign Aquarius
Occupation Student
Education Bachelors degree
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im me...dats bout it...i dont change who i am for anyone and you either suck it up and deal with me or piss off...i dont change for no one! u eitha lyk me or dnt...n i lyk u or i dnt...i lyk most ppl so i think ur safe. if there is ne fing else ud like 2 no...just answer most questions...


Music! I LIKE ALL MUSIC! I really got a thing for techno at the thats whats ragin' in my place!
Movies I prefer scary movies...horror, thriller...etc! I like comedys and kid flicks too...either or eh? I can only handle chick flicks to a certain extent....actually i went to the movies with my bestie and saw rogue...i liked it coz one it was a good movie and two i've never seen my friend scared before! classic! she almost chewed my freaking arm off!!
Hobbies ummm....wasting my dosh on grog!!!! not kool, dont do end up poor and wasted! well the poor bit sucks, but the wasted bit is purdy awesum! i love hanging out with my mates and running amok in town...itz so fun!!!!!!
General i love hanging out with my friends and doing really crazy shit. i have 22 piercinz and love them all...actually i cant wait to get more...oh and tattoos...they fucking rock! I have 4 at the moment and if cash wasn't such an issue i would have more! I cant wait to get more!!! WOOT WOO! well, i finished school in november 07 and i got my op a month later!!! go me! i got a 12! i was expecting like a 18 or 19...and now i an at uni...i know...i leave 12 years of school and go to school for another 5 years!!! and wanna know something even worse than that??? I'm doing an education course, so i will be at school for the rest of my freakin life!!! i love christmas easter and my birthday...VALENTINES love to say that i am a love child but that gives the wrong impression. im purdy easy going and i get along with most people...


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12/20/2007 12:06 AM

come on msn i addy u my email addy is

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12/18/2007 02:32 PM

were u from

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12/18/2007 12:01 PM

hey how u doin wats goin on

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12/14/2007 03:05 AM

nps :)

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11/08/2007 08:06 AM

U all free wow partie partie partie r i invited


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11/02/2007 11:36 PM

Hey dancin freak u step it out haha catch u round ok

Seeya bye XX