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$TRICKLY $TREETZ VOLUME 6 is available NOW where ever music is sold.

Talent management agency $trickly $treetz Entertainment seeks talent aspiring to become an entertainment industry professionals we welcome all to contact include brief bio goals & pix.

From Brooklyn, NY
Occupation Artistic / Creative / Performance
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i like gurls naughty and nasty i m used to dealn wit hoodrats n hoochies u kno project chicks thats thick wit ghetto booties and i like them kinky sexy wearn lace neglegies or silk nities Kno u luv tha way it feel sliding all ovr ya body kno it makes them feel cexi i tell them how they remind me of my jeep like r-kelly i slide aside her thong stick my key in thee ignition then start pumpn hard like a piston pay attention 2 her every GROAN N MOAN squeezn her butt cockn them knees up diggn in that sweet that nasty that gushy stuff wile she still got stilettoes on fuckn wit Dollar $ign honey u aint never wrong so tell them old heads and boys still wettn tha bed 2 bounce wile we burn an ounce then i will sweat hair doos out if u ain't never minage that's word to God u bout to get turned out if u think that ur ready message me w/info lets c if I can turn u into a nympho or a video hoe fessional Ladies get @ ur Dude if u ready to get loose wanna find out if its true whether women hav unlimited supply of orgasms and if I can continue to make u hav them

Nympho, sexaholic, hot and wet wit a tite juicey pussy, ready to get it in whenever wherever however, like tlc a trill crazey sexy cool bitch, any girl ready willing and able to perform for a video

What You All Have Been Waiting For. It'$ Da Bing!!! Our LATE$T Relea$e BEAT JAKRZ VOL. II Werk Relea$e is now available...

Tha Mighty Dollar better known as Dollar $ign Cha-Ching!!! Brooklyn raised East New York bread. A true to tha life hustler been grinding it out with the premier mix tape BEAT JAKRZ VOL. 1 ever since 2003. As the orchestrator of the new movement, Beat Jakrz, which has swept through tha hip-hop community like a tidal wave, he has not stopped grindin yet. Tha fans wont let him, his hunger wont let him, not for nothing i dont think God Almighty will let him. REAL TALK.
Always coming with that raw for tha streetz over some of this eras most popping beats he has not lost his step. Proof positive can be witnessed on tha late$t mixtape Beat Jakrz Volume II Werk Relea$e.

A lil Food for Thought, Recorded music provides a listening experience that is unique and rewarding in its own right, and listeners should strive to preserve that. Fans should respect the wishes of the artist. If a musician asks that you pay for an album, you should respect the time and effort that went into its creation, and pay for it." "Hands down, the best way to support your favorite artist is financially. Chew on that, digest it and get back at us... It'$ Da Bing!!!

Always remeber there is no "US" without "U"...

Dollar $ign
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02/11/2015 02:50 AM
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Dollar $ign
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10/03/2013 06:31 PM

The WaMu WAFFLE...
yall kno we sed DOLLAR $IGN, ur favorite music mogul / rapper off dat BEAT JAKRZ mix tape produced by DA BING RECORDS, wuz negotiating a MAJOR record label deal with WaMu b.k.a. Warner Music thanx to the assistance of a former employee of theirs Ane Matsushita who wuz KIND ENUFF to plug us in with her inside connections...
Its been almost 3 months now, usually deals take approximately 3 months to close, We aint heard wurd 1 frm WaMu since...
now when we first emailed Ane Matsushita she DID say don't get ur hopes up... The onliest thing we can assume iz WaMu is thkn bout tryna walk out on the deal...(wit they FLAKEY ASSES)
Guess allz We can du now iz wait for they response... THE SUSPENSE IS MURDER...
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02/26/2012 10:13 AM

hi sexy you look damned good . im gettin hot in here x x x

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love the videos, you have any more?

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thankz sexxy........

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Splashin some love on your page...

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hola ke tal? how u doin