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Not hunting for anything serious...just a friend.

From Verona, US
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If you live or work in any FOREIGN COUNTRY (mainly Africa) I don’t want to hear from you...NOTHING PERSONAL.....just not going to SCAM ME!!! If you are married and want a date keep wanting....not going to add spice to your life. My given name is Emily but I go by Dusty and have since I came home covered in dust. I am a 56 year old female. I was born on March 19th. Was a wild child growing up. Was a nurse for 20+ yrs - cop for 10+ yrs - College Professor 2+ yrs before retiring for health reasons. No my disability is not earth moving but then these things happen. I have AT1 and was told I was going to die..well surprise I am still here..that 8 weeks have turned into 23 years this April 16th 1990.But then I see humor in the strangest of places. If you can't laugh at your self then you are too uptight. I am a member of Camp Bluebird cancer camp for s. I am a cancer survivor of 13 yrs..again told would die in 3 months..wrong! and that was the first time. Had cancer for a second time 2 years ago. I have been known to speak my mind..much to the embarrassment of included. I have been turned away at heavens gate and the devil has a double lock on his gate so there you have it.
Music Favorite song is "Friends in Low places" by Garth Brooks and anything by the Eagles or "live like I am dying" by Tim McGraw. Like all music EXCEPT rap music and heavy metal...nothing per say wrong with them just don't listen to them. Love country and classic rock mostly.
Movies Like just about any kind of movie....mostly sci-fi stuff is the best. I also like old black and white westerns.... my dad got me hooked on those. Favorite movie is black & white John Wayne western "Red River".
Sports drag racing, NASCAR, watching sports (football, basketball, and boxing -in that order), love hunting .... not sure if that is classified as a
Hobbies art, computer graphics, crocheting, camping out and rodeo-barrel racing
General I am a laid back person..flower child of the 60's..hehehe. Takes a lot to make me mad..stupid people do it faster than anything else and those that like playing mind games. I treat people how I want to be treated..that is one of my motto's in life. The other is life is to short to fight and argue cause you never know if there is a tomorrow. I have a lot of interest..some say I am a well rounded person..well they got the rounded part right. I am short..5'1" tall.. used to be taller but with age comes gravity. And I am fat. And I am ugly. And I look like an old indian squaw..which fits being half cherokee indian. The other half happens to be chipawa and red irish. I have shoulder length salt and pepper brown blue (wolf) eyes. In 2001 I had 2 strokes 6 months apart. One on each side. I have learned to be independent and am doing well...I lost my wheelchair in 2002 and haven't looked back. There are things I still can not do but I don't let it get me down and I work almost every day now at something.

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