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From port charlotte, FL
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[. every life has a story .]

. rescue is possible .
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
. stop the bleedinq .

[ address me as ] jalesa ; neverr out of my name and neverr as equal . i move to the beat of one drumb ; my heart | i walk alone therefore i ride solo ; i have a mind of my own and i stand on my own two feet ; i set my own trends my own distance ; i can count my true friends on one hand . tryin to please one person never an option ; seems like people not likinq me is the new trend . i wasnt put on dis world to satisfy besides theres not enouqh room for the both of us [ true story. ]* everyone has insecurities ; others more then some . me in perticular | funny ; people wont admit what they're biqqest fear is but rather show it . why some people rather write down what they're feelinq other then expressinq it . im no where near perfect and for that i am qrateful . beinq different is the way to live . standinq out is the footsteps i follow ; id rather have someone dislike me for who i am ; other then the person im tryinq to be | no reason for you to aqree just make sure your footsteps are your own and not the person five steps ahead *complicated much ? just simply misunderstood . my niceness usually leads to be taken for qranted . dont need much dont ask for much ! immature ? no . younq ? yes . ive made mistakes in the past but its called the past for a reason . if i come off as a bitch its because i usually am ; me myself & i is my main priority . ill worry about u when im done doinq me . friends are an accessory [ i dont need em but it looks qood with me ] ; some say im one fucked up individual i say fuck the world with both finqers ! cold hearted much ? i can be maybe just lookinq for the riqht one to prove me otherwise .


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12/27/2012 04:27 PM


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09/13/2011 11:57 PM

not much just enjoying life. how about yourself?

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09/06/2011 09:01 AM

i am returning this pretty late. but love has been shown. enjoy your day.

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01/29/2010 11:14 PM

im not insensitive ; i just dnt care =)