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Hi folks:
I am a 46 year old Cowboy/Executive that is living in Paradise.
Would love to meet friends and new people. Ladies are a special interest.
I enjoy, Mtn. Sunsets, snuggling by the fire, a good glass of wine, a 16 ft sliding st

From Grand Junction, CO
Build/Figure Athletic
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Religion Catholic
Sign Leo
Occupation Executive / Management
Education Bachelors degree
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02/25/2009 11:46 PM

Hi JD...
just checking in...
hope all is good...

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01/28/2009 09:52 AM

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Good Morning...hope your day is a special as you...

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11/05/2008 07:55 PM

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10/28/2008 10:27 AM


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10/14/2008 11:03 AM

hope you have a wonderful day my friend.

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09/18/2008 09:46 AM

Our lives are full of special days -- holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, days of celebration, days of remembrance.

And the most special day of all is... today! Because today is where we live. Today is full of possibility, ready and waiting to be filled with life and love.

Every day is special because we make it special. No matter what the calendar says, each and every day is full of opportunities for life, for love, for making dreams come true.

Life is full of special days -- one right after the other. All the special days in the past have brought us here today. And all the special days to come, begin to take shape right now. Today is indeed a special day, a sacred gift that is ours to fulfill.

stopping to wish you a wonderful to enjoy..
smile alot..and be thankful for all we have..
have a great day.
hugs to you.

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09/03/2008 08:37 AM

Live today like you are someone special, because you are.

As you go through this day, keep in mind that every thought, every feeling, every sight and sound is truly miraculous because you are alive and able to perceive it. Gaze in awe at the vastness of possibilities which are yours to choose and follow.
Live today as if what you become is more important than what you have, because it is. Live each moment of this day fully mindful of the miraculous reality of your existence.

Live with purpose, focus and joy because that is who you really are.
have a wonderful day.
remember to smile alot. and enjoy the damm heat..

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08/16/2008 02:21 AM

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08/10/2008 04:30 PM

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08/03/2008 02:57 AM


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08/02/2008 09:21 AM

Life is made up of many moments, one right after another. The big outcomes, results and achievements depend on what you do with all those little moments along the way.
With each moment you can choose to let it pass or to let it bring you down. Or, you can decide to make good use of that moment with positive purpose, value and love.
How many times have you looked back on your life with regret, and wished you had given yourself a moment to do what could have easily been done? Now is your opportunity to avoid such future regrets by recognizing the great value in each moment.
When life is asking something of you, give yourself a moment to make it right. And when you add up all those moments, you'll find you've made life great.
A friend is like a rainbow...
always there for you after a storm...

have a great fun filled weekend.
remember to smile that big smile...

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08/02/2008 01:42 AM

Thanks for the add Comments

Greeting's from Hawaii Aloha! Thanks for being my friend.

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07/21/2008 09:30 AM

Behind every fortune is someone who has labored long into the night to make it real. Behind every important discovery is a person who often grew weary searching for it.
Behind the magnificent work of art is an artist who spent hour after hour, month after month toiling at tasks that were tedious and seemingly endless. Behind the beautiful, soaring music is a composer who carefully arranged each note, each pause, each crescendo into place.
The fact is, your effort is the payoff. The fortune, the discovery, the work of art, and the music, as grand as they are, serve as mere tokens of the achievement.
The real achievement is in the achieving, and the real value is in the doing. Sincere, focused effort makes your life rich, even as you do it.
Make the effort and the reward is guaranteed. For the biggest reward is in the doing.
Stopping to say Hi.
and to wish you a super week.
keep that smile...
someone may be watching you...

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07/18/2008 07:09 PM

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