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98% of good men r looking for dat lady in the same percentile. I'm not perfect so i dont xpect a perfect lady. But i do want da 1 that is 100% honest and faithful!!!

From Memphis, TN
Build/Figure Average
Ethnicity Black / African descent
Marital Status Single
Religion Baptist
Sign Scorpio
Occupation Administrative / Secretarial
Education Some college
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Hey my name is DEI. For those that know me know how i am and what my passions are. I am a child of GOD 1st, & then a father. now i can't do all the things i would like for my kids but i try my hardest and will continue to do so. All the other things and ppl come 2nd to the aboved mentioned things.

ENUF bout that here it is about me. I am
5'9 180lbs. Caramel skintone bowlegged man. I'm a proud father of the most smartest look a likes of me i know. Case you dont get wat i am saying i am talking about my rugrats. Now i have 3 tats (3 more to get) and 3 piercings (maybe 1 more). A gentle soul that does have a ruff side if pushed. But all in all i am human.

My Bestfriend is in my friends list. She is a very sweet person that stood beside me thru the hardest part of my life and i want to take the time out now to tell her THANK YOU. I understand now that some ppl care about me and what happens to me. That they will stand beside me even if they see me bout to get hurt. These are true friends. Piglet is one of the true friends. MY BEST FREIND!!! i have other friends like "TASHA who showed her support and i THANK YOU aswell.

See ppl i am a man of my word well i try my best 2 be. that is what makes DEI (me). I will put more on L8R. So if u dont like what i said let me know but when u get done REALIZE all you have seen & will see is the TRUTH. "Conseguiré lo Que Merezco Al Fin... I will get what i deserve in the end"

I have to say this!!! Ppl don't think i could have gotten hurt. Ppl think i am & was some kind of player or just full of SHIT but boy were U FOOLED!!! Now dat GOD has said it is my time to get some of the blessing i have asked for i will c the COAT TAIL RIDERS cum out da wood works. Well to u dat thing u will ride my coat tails i tell u now. DON'T BOTHER CUZ U CUT UR OWN HAND OFF WHEN U DID WHAT U DID TO ME. IT WAS NOT FOR ME TO PUNISH U CUZ GOD SAID HE WILL JUDGE U.

Trust in what i say when i tell u dat i'm not on top of the world but with GOD on my side i will not be under it either. My time has cum even though my time is getting shorter everyday. I will not waste dat time on ppl dat can't give what i give in return.......
Music I like all kinds of music. And i do mean all kinds!!!
3 Days Grace
Linkin Park
Da best way 2 sum it up is i lik all music........
Movies 2 many 2 name
Sports Basketball
Hobbies Time wit Fam & Friends



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well.....thx for addin me...hugz and kisses!

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