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whats up guys

her bestie Sonya was here
hey bestie ( mathew) love the background your so awesome love ya !..

From Fort Bragg, NC
Build/Figure Average
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
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Religion Christian
Sign Pisces
Occupation Medical / Dental / Veterinary
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I am a fun outgoing person, like all people until u piss me off but other than that im a cool person and fun to hang out with im just on here looking for friends so hit me up

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Hacked By Tyler

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Amanda, I'm not really that good hacking people at all. I just want know from the being our friendship starting really good then it came down crashing, but later on things were fine. Our friendship got really close. I know we got into huge fight and I never knew how much you cared about this friendship. You never gave on me and you always been there for me. You are pretty amazing person, wonderful friends and biggest heart ever. I will never destory this friendship. My friendship with you mean a lot to me. I'm glad w're friends. Our friendship means so much to me I just cant say,
I don't know what I would do without you and your thoughtful way. During our friendship we have had a few fights, but in the end we knew we could make it right. Whenever I would hit a bump in life and fall,
You were there to help and you're the one who made me get through it all. I wanted you to know I am happy we made it through, and that one of the people I completely trusted with everything was you. If anyone hurt you I'll kick there ass. If you need a friend I'm always here for you...I became friends with you my life started a new page.

Always, Tyler

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Hacked by her bestie Sonya,

I want to tell you that you are a such a really good friend to me. And we will always be friends no matter what. You are like a sister to me and my best friend too. But i know i helped you talk to Tyler and if we didnt meet and you wouldnt talk to him at all lol. But i am glad that i got you talking to Tyler. I love ya bestie and always be best friends!

Movies twilight , the new moon death proof, meet the robinsons,shrek,the eye semi pro,get smart,alvin and the chipmunks fired up Harold and kumar escape to Guantanamo bay.


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Hobbies i love to go clubbing text hang out with friends go to the movie camping is fun also haha reading swimming and just hanging out with my best friends..

General Hacked by her Bro gerald

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hey i wanna tell u that im so glad that i met u through sonya.. your a really amazing person/sister. u always know how to make me feel better when im down. you always put a smile on my face an you r really special to me. love youuuuuuuuuuu sissy=]

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03/29/2010 02:24 PM

black & white - Picture for Me

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03/01/2010 10:39 AM

sweet i wont be there for a month or so anyway so that will work out good

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02/28/2010 08:18 AM

yea me to cant wait to get to michigan though you will proly lose me for a few when i get there before i can get the internet hooked up and shit but ill leave you my cell number so you can get ahold of me if you want

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02/26/2010 09:15 PM

ive been good been ridding my bike alot latley so i havent been around that much sorry how have you been??

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02/26/2010 06:33 PM

hey hon
how are u ?
do u have yahoo btw?

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02/25/2010 09:56 PM

yeah, i really like my job.. i mean i LOVE what i do.. its dangerous and callin in fires to blow stuff up, its perect for me hahaha... been in for 3 yrs already, still got 3 yrs left, and i just gunna use that time to tink on whether or not it wanna re-enlist, u know... take it a day at time and play it by ear haha

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02/25/2010 07:03 PM

notta, u?

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02/25/2010 01:26 PM

yeah,actually not really... i just got back from R&R Leave and all i wanted was to come back wit my guys... now stuck in Kuwait, and i goin crazy cuz its more time away from them, and they need me right now

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02/25/2010 04:55 AM

hey there, thanks for the add.. yeah i stationed at bragg in the 82nd for the last 2 yrs, but yeah, right now i been in Afghanistan the last 7 months haha... be home shortly though..

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02/24/2010 07:32 PM

sounds like fun, i just got back from alabama, we went down there and got me another service truck

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02/24/2010 07:07 PM


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02/24/2010 11:07 AM

I'm fine cuty how have you been? im fine ;)

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02/23/2010 03:52 PM


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02/22/2010 01:53 AM

oh, just workin and stayin busy, what about you

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02/15/2010 12:33 PM

Hey are you?? xoxoxoxoxo