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Lets see, I'm 17 years old and in TCHS, I'm good natured, I love makin new friends, um.. anything else just ask me or read the thingie below lol

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Lets see where do I start.. Ok, I'm a 17 year old jock/nerd guy "i know wierd combo" but anyways, yeah, I like to do anything thats fun, I try and joke around a lot when with my friends, and I love to make new friends, despite the fact I get nervous around new people because of not knowing what to say. This especially goes to gals that I like, which happen to be few, because, unlike most guys I go for the personality instead of looks, and I will never say that someone is ugly. Now to continue on, I like to ride my bike a lot, it just lets me leave every problem behind when I go, and I also liek to read books from time to time when theres nothing else to do, and yea theres swimming, fishing, football, um other, basically I'm a active person. And now, I feel like listenin to some rock music, so... have a good un
Music Rammstein, SOAD, Avenged 7X, Disturbed, Crazy Frog, Linkin Park, a lil Eminem, KoRn, um, well basically anything in that area of music, but I'll listen to anything
Movies Anything except those movies that suck real bad, example "The Village"
Sports Football, Soccer, Track, Swimming n a lot of others


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12/27/2006 10:00 PM

any time sweety

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11/26/2006 05:53 PM

Im great here just keeping busy how are you doing?