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Hello, my name is Heather, and THIS is my hover site. Welcome everyone. :)

Something you should know about me:
I don't like perverts, so stay away from my page if you're one of them.

From , ME
Build/Figure Average
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status Single
Religion Christian
Sign Virgo
Education High school
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-I'm 18
-I LOVE guns
-Knives are the best EVER
-I want to learn to play guitar
-I'm a blonde in hair color only, (ahem..hehe)
-I actually (in all honesty) prefer chatting (and being friends) with guys/young men, because they're so much fun! I'm funny and outgoing, I'm a 'good girl', and am not into any online naughty picture-sharing or anything like that. I'll block or delete you if you take things TOO far.

I also LOVE horses, and beaches, and laughing, and smiling to make others smile, and being silly to cheer people up. (Etc, etc, etc.)

I am actually quiet and shy most of the time. Friendliness merely comes to me from years and years of practice.

I say stupid, non-logical things some times.

Deal with it. :P
Music I listen to pretty much ANYTHING. I LOVE rock and hard rock, especially those old-time songs (and even many new ones) that make you jump around as SOON as you hear them.

I'm a country girl at heart, so country is my second love. (Especially Sara Evans, Jimmy Wayne, Josh Turner, etc.) I love how a good country song can make you feel good in your skin.

Hmm, let's see-I also enjoy classical, contempuary, oldies, hip hop, R&B, SOME rap, etc.

If I can sing/dance along with it, I'm game! ^_^
Movies Haha, well, the REAL question is, what kind of movies DONT I like to watch. :P I like virtually any kind of movie so long as it doesn't contain ACTUAL evil and/or cruelty towards children and such. (I'm talkin' HARD core abusive movies, etc.)

I'm the type of young woman who would just as soon go and watch the 'Rambo' series after crying at the showing of 'Phantom of the Opera'. :)
Sports Well, sorry to all you guys out there, but there's not much to put in this section. I mean, I've 'played' basketball and football, softball and baseball, but have never been pro and have NEVER watched an actual FULL Superbowl before. (*listens for the sound of jaws dropping in shock and horror...*) Yes, that's right-I've never really watched many sports..but I'd be willing to at least TRY to keep up if someone was willing to explain the 'rules' to me. (:
Hobbies Hmm, well then. I enjoy pretty much anything and everything-so long as it isn't TOO illegal. :P Some of my LEGAL hobbies include reading, drawing, beadwork, walking, exercising, (WHICH I need to do MUCH MORE of) Writing, hanging with friends, being free to go somewhere for 'me-time' when I need it most, etc.

I'm into a great deal of things, and if someone presents an idea to me, I'll either agree to it or stay behind. :)
General Okay, well, hmmm...I guess I'll put a couple of facts in here that weren't in the above column.

For starters, I am eighteen years old and am often assumed to be in my early twenties. (Much to my amazement.) I have greeney-bluish eyes that sometimes change color, and that is the main reason for my yahoo screen name, 'GreenEyes'.

I love taking pictures because you never know what you'll catch on film. I am also the youngest, and only girl out of three kids. I love my parents.

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01/06/2009 08:40 PM

im doing good... thanks for the comment and checking up on i just havent been on hoverspot because its not my fav. site. Plus ive been busy latly to -like i just came back from my buddys wedding and been helping out my big brother and stuff like that. How r u doing?.. anything fun or exciting going on in your life right now? :)

Send a Teddy Gram at

..:: CaR10s ::..
5602 pts

12/22/2008 12:41 AM

Hey Heather... thanks 4 comment back... I'm doing good, you know, just busy at school and at work... lol... what about you?...
Take Care...!!!...
..:: CArl0s ::..

..:: CaR10s ::..
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12/18/2008 08:53 PM

1105 pts

ShawtyIsA Killa!
974 pts

12/16/2008 11:16 PM

oh sounds like fun
nuttin just layin in bed talkin on da phone and watchin double shot at love ahah i love dis show
so how are you gurl

ShawtyIsA Killa!
974 pts

12/16/2008 10:27 PM

hey whats up
thanks 4 the add

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12/16/2008 10:07 PM

Hehe, oh dear... :P.

I miss haning out, too! But I'm working pretty much every day this month! January is going to slow down mid-January my "seasonal" time runs out and I'll be jobless, anyway. THEN it's time to find another one...*sigh*.

OH! And school is out until January now!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!

LOVE YA LOTS! hope I can see you soon!


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12/03/2008 09:06 PM

haha what greedy little piggies they are - eating you out of a job! :P

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12/03/2008 02:27 AM

Hey I just signed up. HoverSpot Auto-Comment