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It's very dangerous to wave to people you don't know because what if they don't have hands? They'll think you're cocky

Who knows what ill be doing next!

Leah's my ♥~♥

Even if there would be an army against me, my heart would not fear.

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My daughter!

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Leah On Redbull LMAO cutie!!!

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Mella Marie Bella

Music My name is Vivid...

♥ Go Go Dancer ♥
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♥ Photographer Assistant ♥

So you want to get to know me? I consider you take some notes. There is alot about the person I am. And I assure you I will interest you with all that I have to say...

I came from a Native American background. Which means I was born and raised with wolves. Just kidding... But an Indian Reservation is where I spent most of my life. It was tough at times, but it also shaped me into the "little warrior" that I am today. I moved out of "the rez" after some bad choices I now overcame, and I love how my mind is now. Clear from the bad, and living my life the right way. I like to call it "the good life".

Never did I imagine that my life would be this amazing. I have hundreds of friends and family that I love dearly. I have nine jobs, which include: Gogo dancing (at six different places and events), I Model, I'm a make up artist, and I work with pets. :) People question me why I work so much, and I simply respond by saying that I like to use my skills to make me somebody in this world. I also make music on my "chill" days, when my life isnt too kaotic. Music is my escape. Which makes me a complete music junkie. There is always a tune playing in my head, and no matter what, i'm doing, I am always dancing to something. You can practically see music notes floating through my veins.
Heres What I do....True*raver....= PLUR....:)

.....and with out lights......!!!

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01/26/2011 11:03 PM

your so pretty

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08/29/2010 03:38 PM


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06/14/2010 10:32 PM

i swear if u try n fuck up my relationship ull pay mella

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06/14/2010 09:45 PM

alota shit as im sure u noticed,any chance u know how 2 hack or know sum1 that knows how 2?? n bitch quit disappearin on me

wetsprocket? lol
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05/22/2010 10:52 AM

hey!!!! lol

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01/26/2010 12:43 AM

just showin u love on ur page

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01/16/2010 01:15 PM

Rukis Baby
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01/14/2010 08:14 PM

hey beauty how u been

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01/14/2010 03:57 PM

how r u doin sexxy did u have a good day 2day huh?

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01/12/2010 03:23 PM

how u doin 2day

Rukis Baby
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01/12/2010 12:43 AM

ooo i duno...hmm..tap dance maybe lol

Rukis Baby
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01/11/2010 08:06 PM

sooo watcha doin mad bored...u should maybe entertain me...i think its good for tha soul ya its good for both of us in a way :D

Rukis Baby
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01/11/2010 06:12 PM

oo aight..well lemme add u anyways...wats tha url

Rukis Baby
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01/11/2010 04:28 PM

hey u got myspace

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01/11/2010 03:03 PM

It was good how was urs?