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PreTTy FriendLy..KinD oF WeirD..From MaRs..Like To VisiT JupiTeR on CLouDy Days..wiTh SupeR HeRo PoWeRs..DaMn ii LoVe iT..

JusT LooKinG FoR aLiTTLe ConVersaTioN To ReDuCe My BoReDoM....MeN anD WoMeN aRe WeLcoMeD...BuT iM NoT ReaLLy On HeRe Like ThaT...So yOu ShouLd aDD My FaceBook...Porsha Renea!!

From Lancaster, CA
Build/Figure Average
Ethnicity Other
Marital Status Single
Religion Christian
Sign Cancer
Occupation Student
Education Some college
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Well, if you know me..You know I have two sides to me...You've either seen the shy side...Where I'm nervous, biting my finger nails but still sweet at the same time...Or you've seen that side of me to where I'm laid back, goofy, and just plain nuts to the point I'm bouncing off the walls....You know, when I get to the point of thinking that I'm a super hero!!!...And I was sent here from Mars to protect the human species....Well, okay, probably not a super hero..And maybe I exaggerated just a little bit about being from Mars too..But I swear I got super powers or something(lmao)...But no seriously, I'm like the coolest, most weirdest, most accepting person I know...I'm very honest...Not really much of a girly girl when it comes to heels, make-up, or dresses...But I do take pride in my hygiene, my appearance, and my hair....I stand out, I don't need an entourage or a group of girls around me to validate who I am...I love to cook, and I love my sports...I'm a blast to be around....And personality wise, you won't find another...And if you know me personally...Then there's really no need to explain...I'm very family oriented...I have to many brothers and sisters to really keep count...And I love them all....But I'm kinda running out of things to say, so if there's more you would like to know...HMU
Music R&B, Rap, Pop,and Rock
Movies Almost anything funny...I love crime movies...Horror( Even though I can't watch them by myself)...Adventure movies..And I recently starting getting into Martial Art movies
Sports Basketball(I'm a Lakers Baby)
Hobbies Watching/playing sports...Playing the video game...Shopping...and Reading
General Basketball, Football, Computers, Poetry, and Music

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01/05/2013 02:36 AM

wzup wit u miss

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09/18/2012 10:08 AM

Hey just droppin by showin sum luv to yu

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08/03/2012 03:23 PM

hey babe send me a message

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08/02/2012 02:15 PM

me too hey send me a message and can we flirt much love darling
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08/01/2012 08:56 AM

your welcome sweetie and i am doing just fine now that i am talking to you are you single

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07/31/2012 10:20 PM

hey sweetie how are you doing tonight and thank-you so much for the add and here is some love for you darling so don't be a stranger and hit me up

Mr.IceCream Man!
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05/27/2012 11:55 PM

Lol yehhhhhhhhhhhhhh i deffinately know wat u mean by that,i try to do the same thing

Mr.IceCream Man!
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05/22/2012 06:10 PM

Lol aighttttt onceee u know.Its aight dont worry about it cuz i kno u gatta do wat u gatta do.

Ohhhh i seeeee,the drama website lol

Mr.IceCream Man!
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05/15/2012 09:58 PM

Yehhhh its about time u get back on here lol,wats up?

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04/19/2012 03:52 PM

Hello, thank you for the add beautiful

Mr.IceCream Man!
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04/13/2012 08:17 PM

Im greatttt and cant be better,how has your week bin?

Mr.IceCream Man!
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04/09/2012 08:06 PM

Welll well well look who's back on here lol.How u doin?

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03/22/2012 05:26 PM

I'm at work watching spongebob and on fb .. bored as shit

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03/21/2012 11:22 PM

whats up

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03/21/2012 01:38 AM

Showing you some love--j.snapback♥