Isabella Lynn
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Im Izzy!

Only one years old!!

born July 14th!

i love my mommy Ashley and my god mommy Sara

From With my mommy, US
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Misz Bitch
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Music Kid tunes
Movies Cars.....Sherk 1,2,3 and Shrek the halls
Sports walking
Hobbies Watchin tv...Eating Napping....Hanging with mom and god mom
General hacked by ur god mommy sara
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hey baby izzy,omg i love u sooooooo much,ur the cutest lil munchkin ever! lol izzy ur such n adorable lil girl,i love lookin at ur pics n i love talkin bout u n im soooo happy n honored 2 b ur god mommy,lol we will get along gr8,we cud watch disney movies 2gether lol u n i will hav so much fun 2gether,we will play,laugh,hav fun,ill take a nap wit u sumtimes cuz im like always tired haha always know that mommy ashley n god mommy sara will always b here 4 u n take care of u n will always n 4ever love u,ur n amazin lil babygirl,I LOVE U IZZY!

Misz Bitch
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01/08/2009 12:12 PM

Hey baby Girl I love you!!!!!
you are the best part of my life you make all my worries go away