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i kaNt wait for graduation

this ya gurl 6ootz cumin str8 4rm valdosta, ga! im a one of a kind! feel freee 2 contact me if u have n e questions!

From valdosta, GA
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status Single
Sign Aries
Education High school
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Music rap, hip-hop, PLIES, YOUNG JEEZY!
Movies shottas, friday tha 13th, 6a6y 6oy
Sports 6asket6all
Hobbies talking on tha phone, surfing the we6
General i wore yur short to sleep for i can feel that yur with me.i put yur jacket on not cause i got a shiver down my spine 6ut 6ecause i wrapped my arms around myself & smelled yur scent.i slept in late cause i didnt want to wake up & not see yu there,to cook 6reakfast.never in a million days i thought i would 6e saying that i cared for someone as much as i care for yu today.funny as it may seem i can live with 6eing yur friend long as im apart of yur world.friends yu say are the ones that grow up with yu.well let me grow with yu to see yur dreams come true for the 6etter//ya digg yu make everything happen & im just glad to say,"i know him".i want to 6e the last voice that yu hear cause thous the ones yu remem6er in the laugh with yu time to time is no joke around here.
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