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-- it's ben fo'eva ! , suprised deyy hvnt deleted myy paqee . .lol

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"wadsz qud everyone..disz yhur qirl ov right now i'm new tew hoverspot so if yhur not mah friend alreadi dnt be shy nd send meh a friend reQuezt.."
=>a lil' bout meh: umm well az yhu cn see frum the pictures i'm lite skinn lonq black hair..buh any waysz..important stuff=> okayy..tew beqan, im a very cool perzon nd when i say cool i mean very very cool, i qed alonq wid jusz aboud everyone one in know [[buhh ov kourze therez sum]]..i have a qhud personality, i like tew qoof around sumtime buh i knw wen idsz time tew be seriousz also..i'm ina qud mood mozt ov dha time kusz i jusz love tew enjoy life..i'm also a people perzon so, i luhv tew meet nd qed tew knw new people...nd if yhu feel dha same hid meh up..or send meh a friend requezt..

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..wasdz qudd ya'll...disz yhur qirl chelsz aqain..umm..pleasz comment mah paqe nd qo comment mah picsz...dnt be afraid tew show meh sum luhv if yhu qedd on mah paqe ite...!!


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real freak???
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