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♥ Im Notta Star Ma Nigga.....

SomeBody Lieddd......

Gotta -- Instagramm , Facebook && OOVOO
RestInParadisee. AALIYAH ♥

From Chicago, IL
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I Heard " Hennesy & Enemies " Is One Helluva Mixtureee...EvenDoe Dats FuckedUP Girl, Im Still Fuckinn'Witchaa!

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Fuck You Mad At Me 4.
Yall Be On Some Dick Riding Ass Hating Shitt!!!
Bitch Releaseeee My DICKKKKKK ! x.x
Sneak Dissin On The " Internet " A Get You Whackedddd x.x In " PUBLIC " .
Ima Boss Bitchh ; Born In Raised In [ Chiraq, Drillinois ]
♥ So You Already Know How Im Coming ....
Im Cool Ass Fuck ; But Bitch Dont Disrespect Me ...
Cause I Aint Fa Nunna' Dat ! ♥
Just Watch .....
Ima Show You Hoes How To Winn Wit The Money Teammm ! ♥
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Niggas Love KEESE.

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I Love My Beautiful Brown Skinnn .

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This My Shit.
BOWdown Bitchess. ♥

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07/16/2014 10:04 PM

Lol so you like it change it up too>?
;&& Where you from?
{it may be on your page, but I didn't look}

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06/21/2014 07:44 PM

Thank you, I appreciate that.
I went blonde for a few months.
Loved it but I already changed it again. Lol

You look good in your pictures on your page
in general. No homo here either :)

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06/19/2014 03:17 PM

Firsttt Eat Keeseee .....
Then, Eat Your " ♥ " OUT!