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Happy new year! Hope this one is better than the last one

You laid on my naked body and applied your mouth to me without guilt or humiliation.You drove me nearly crazy while you drained me. Today when I awoke,you were gone. I searched for you but to no avail.Only the sheets bore witness to last night's events.My

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i been on wagon trains and riding horses, camping with my boys damian n donovan, having fun with my friends at work and on line , i love to have a good time , i like to dance with my friends get silly i dont drink much ,i am a profesional hair stylist am working in Edmonton Alberta, Canada moved from Manitoba , i like to swim when i can prefurably in water that is not green with alge , i like old cars truckers and anyone with a sence of haha if you cannt laugh then you need too get alife , i love my kids , love to laugh , can take a joke most of the harleys dont have one but i been on one lol ,monster trucks grave diggers my fav, trucks in general the bigger they are the more i love em lol

Subject: Stop Police Brutality in Seattle, Washington. Please sign this petition!

Date: 02/23 11:03 AM

A homeless, half deaf Native American woodcarver, John T. Williams was shot by Seattle Police as a perceived "threat". These facts have later come to light.

• The knife was closed when found near the body.
• Williams was deaf in one ear and wearing a headset to listen to music when he was shot.
• Williams was arthritic and slow moving, he had not made any threatening move toward Officer Birk or anyone, and he had not made eye contact with Officer Birk.

This police officer has resigned but will not face any prosecution whatsoever. Let's start holding the police accountable for their actions. 4 seconds + 4 bullets = MURDER!

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this is a poem i found thought id post it for John T Williams hope whomever reads this likes ,
say a prayer for him

Poem Preview

She calls to me
In the virgin haze of the first morning's light, she
sits at the mountain's base, and there calls to me.
There in the mountain stream that braids through the
rocks, and flows to the sea there she calls to me.

In a soft summer wind, she is there. My arms raised
high, I let her caress me with a familiar touch. And
yet it seems a lifetime, sense I felt this, there she
calls to me.

In the Chickadees sweet song, in the Eagles mighty
scream, and the Mourning Doves soft purr, she calls to

As a warm spring rain covers my body, I taste her
sweetness on my tongue, she calls to me.

I lay my head upon her breast, and sigh. Her heart
sings to my spirit. I feel the warmth of her body, she
calls to me.

With her skin on my face I catch her fragrance. A
smile crosses my lips, my pain has disappeared, as she
calls to me.

She calls to me; “Come home my son, you have been gone
long enough.” “Let me hold you in my arms and keep
you safe for all time.”

I must go now my friends, I can no longer stay and
play. I will miss you all. Mother Earth,…… she calls
to me.
* answer to the posting from fiction smiles *

o i know i shouldnt really be asking you this because i feel kind of shy , but i want it sooo bad and just havent had it in soooo long and i can just feel it oh going in so hard and coming out so soft and wet. no one else needs to know bout this but i need it, so i need you to help me. i know your goin to think i have alotta ov nerve asking you this but
...... can i have a piece of chewing gum? ....... send on to all your dirty minded m8s

happy new year !

Happy New year a bit early i know but i have so many happy beautiful friends i though id get the ugly fuckers out of the way first ....
always remember as the season of good will approches that someone special is ou thtere thinking of you and appreciates you for the impactyou've made in their life... Its not me, i think your and arsehole. After careful considerationas a friend in 2011 , i have decided to extend your friendship for a further 12 months.. try not to fuck it up!!!!! all the best for 2012

You laid on my naked body and applied your mouth to me without guilt or humiliation.You drove me nearly crazy while you drained me. Today when I awoke,you were gone. I searched for you but to no avail.Only the sheets bore witness to last night's events.My body still bears marks of your ravishing, making it all the more difficult to forget you. Tonight, I will remain awake, waiting for you...Flippin' mosquito!!!!

----------------JULY BABY --------------
Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to
Be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed.
Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily
Consoled. Honest. Concerned about people's
Feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable.
Emotional temperamental and unpredictable
Easily hurt. Witty and sparkly.
Spazzy at times.
Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets.
Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things.
Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive
And forms impressions carefully. Caring and
Loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of
Sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people
Through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties
In studying. Loves to be with friends Always broods
About the past an d the old friends. Waits for
Friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive
Unless provoked. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt
But takes long to recover
Music mostly listen to anything i can move too love to dance have fun depending on the music thats playn, i dont drink or do drugs unless they can say tim hortons coffee is addictive lol , drummers rule basses are sweet n them who play them awsome riffs wow what a thrill , fiction smiles , rolln stones,deep purple, ozzy, acdc,aerosmith,aprilwine, bif naked,bob marly,bob segar,sugarland, bonjovi, kiss, motley crew, metalica ,bonnie tyler, meat loaf,kid rock,bto,chilliwack,def leppard,,don henley,fleetwood mac,great white,helix, joan jett,john cougar,journey,led zeppelin, lee aaron,,limp bizkit,lita ford, los lobos, ,pink,queen,poison,quiet riot,randy houser, travis tritt,toby kiethrob zombie,savage garden,scorpions,, shane yellowbird,,stevienicks,t he calling,the doors,the who,uncle kracker, van halen,valvet,warrent, white snake,zztop,
Movies i like funny movies, drama yea sometimes , anything with dancing , seen some real great action ones too , am a kid at heart love disney movies. pirates , fast&furious ,xxx not those ones nither lol ,condemnd, see no evil, walking tall,longest yard, marine, flicka 1&2,dances with wolves ,the postman, this is just a short list of what i watch lol
Sports ok not really into sports but if the games good ill watch anything , monster truck , funny cars, drag racing , sometimes watch race cars , i like to swimm when i can, ski in the winter when am not freezen my ass off cause where am at believe me its friggen bloody hell cold lmao who thougt of puttn a city up this far north outta be shot just kidden, skatin, just for fun, watch my sons play soccer, foot ball , my other son is in to swimmen an diving could almost go for his life gard if he wanted too but think hes alittle young for it yet ,
Hobbies playn on my puter, listen to music, cooking, fishing camping, getting alittle dirty okay alot dirty nothn like a real good mud fight lol girls who have a problem with their nails breakn really need to get alife its a nail get over it it grows back lol, i like to help frineds when i can an if i am able too, never know when i may need their help.
have done wagon train couple years back that was wildly awsome!!!! riding horses and tanging along with the wagons for a week way cool you gotta try that at least once in your life may more .
General i have already 2 grown up young men damian is one he will be 25 and is turning 26 this year my oldest son will just turned 25 . they are busy as I am lol take alot of my time some days so if u want to chat with me write me a message , I was single .am in an on again off again situation . , add me if you wanna be a friend leave me message , have a great day an good luck to those who are looking for that someone special.
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