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From lake city, FL
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ok lets see im marcus morgan 34/m/lake city FL was rase in jacksonvilles nc and was born with a health problem i was born with middle cerebral palsy and seizures and thats the reason i dont work anymore cause of i have seizures and 2005 or 2006 at steak n shake i pass out on too the floor and since then i havent bother too try too work again im afraid its going happen again i cant take heat or hot too much i was married in gods eyes for 8 years and was in an relationship 10 years unril 2018 when i heard my wife was cheating on me and someone catch her kiss another man so i been single two years now and i was trying get with girl last year i as her too go too dinner with me i would of let her little son come too and pay for both of there meal but she let me down and post on facebook i found the amazing boyfriend when at first she said i dont date that much anymore but lets me down for someone eles in baker county FL so that upset me that she let me down then a few months i ask a girl in lousisana if i could comne there and meet her and she said no so i been just getting let down everytime i am very nice too the ladys i treat them good i repect them i know im not the best man out there but i try my best too be a man that a lady will want too be with me and love each other my ex wife never care for me and told a friend she never trusted me since day one the one thing i will not stand for if people ask me for money or gift cards thats not the way too get with anyone i dont deal with fake people online if people are fake i block them up for good cause i though internet is here too have fun and find your lover not too ask for money or gift cards so if anyone is fake dont message me please and thank you i deal with real people only im not here too be rude its just i been scam too much already and its gets old and i get tired of being scammed by fake people and also im not here too find anyone too have sex i dont think thats the only thing in world i had my fun time with it when i was 23 im not the type of guy likes it like most mens only thinks about that im way different then most mens
Music rap hiphop pop country rock metal
Movies any kind
Sports soccer
Hobbies soccer

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