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i am looking for my half brothers and sisters. i have 2 sisters and 4 brothers. i have seen three, and i need to see three more. they are everywhere. looking for two younger brothers and a younger sister.

From Newtok, AK
Build/Figure Athletic
Ethnicity Native American
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Education High school
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whats up. my name is Gerald Jay Tom-Lockwood, my yupik name is Piunritarkaq meaning "not to be". i am a yupik, inupiat and an irish boy. i enjoy respecting and helping others and a very hard worker and enjoy basketball, most of the time, football and N.Y.O. i like to work out and look for something that keeps me busy. i'm outgoing and kind. if you wanna get to know me more add me.
whats ur name?Gerald Jay Piunritarkaq Tom-Lockwood
when is ur birthday?10/10/87
do u have any kids?no, i want to
what sports do u like to play?basketball and N.Y.O
do u smoke?used to
do u drink alcohol?F**k dat
have u smoked weed before?Yes, but i never liked it
how about now?nope
do u still smoke?no
do u still drink?why would i?
have u luffed someone b-4?yes, very much
have u been cheated?yes, thousand times
have u cheated someone?yes
how did u feel?like hell!
have u been into fight?yes
do like fighting?no, i don't like fighting
have u stole something in the store?yes
did u lie to someone?yea? but i didn't want anybody to get hurt
are u a good support?yes, to family and friends
what do u like to do?i like to work, and do what needs to be finished
have u yelled at someone?yes
how did u feel?felt better but, i felt bad
have u ever wanted to kill someone?yes, but i held my temper
have u wanted to kill urself?yes, so many times
who is ur hero?my Great- Grandparents and my Grandparents
whats ur favorite N.Y.O.?One- Arm Reach
have u taught anybody?yes, and they like it a lot
who is ur favorite person in the whole wide world?Xavior Martin Aiyan Tom
have u see ur parents?yes but not my dad
who do u live with?my grandparents


Music my faviorte music are r&b, hip-hop, r&b, little bit of punk and metal
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In The Air
904 pts

02/15/2011 09:06 PM

Hey what up! Long time no talk. so how is the ville treatin you? Me I think that I'm having fun here in b-town though I have had a lot of fun here in b-town well I guess just only here since last week got out on the floor and danced with 3 hot ass babes just only wish you were there. Though by the way when are you coming back this way? Yet I'm going out of town 4 a while but I guess I'll probly come back just 4 a visit or so Well take care and be Safe l8er

In The Air
904 pts

12/17/2010 08:10 PM

Hey what up beaver how are you doing? Me not so much because I'm going through a very confusing week! Which makes me pissed of I guess? So other than that how is you doing in the ville? having fun or what? Well ttyl.

In The Air
904 pts

11/30/2010 08:15 PM

What up? What is good,and whats going on so far for you how was your thanksgiving? mine was okay jus laid back and all kickin back wit fam and friends doing things what other ppl would do on thanksgiving I guess. Take it easy.

Kake [:
3424 pts

08/02/2010 08:11 AM


Kake [:
3424 pts

06/26/2010 08:27 AM

hey! long time!! [=

11851 pts

05/25/2010 08:09 PM

im here in bethel.. haha i;m awesome. i saw u yesterday but i didn't wanna say hi. i wanted to go walking instead. haha. what u doing?

!LoSt LoVe!
4421 pts

04/14/2010 12:01 AM

Hi Gerald???
WHat u doing?Az fer me nadda just being bored and idk...
Wellwhat ya gun do?

3139 pts

03/26/2010 03:03 PM

hey Gerald
what u doing
me idk what to
do right now so
yeah and im not going
to camai so yeah later

521 pts

03/15/2010 02:52 PM

hey Gerald
what u doing me nothing much right now so yeah man just wanna got out of kwethluk right now so yeah later

11851 pts

03/11/2010 11:27 PM

my days suck. but other then that i'm doing ok.... just trying to keep myself from stressing. i need another break from here..

11851 pts

03/11/2010 11:19 PM

so mean. never comment me in a long time. ugh. what have u been up to?

5326 pts

03/09/2010 07:13 PM

whats happenin well yeah im doing good in school well whats u genna do later???
me idk be bored and work well yeah gotta get going peace

521 pts

03/08/2010 03:37 PM

hey Gerald
long time no see and what u doing????? me nothing much right now so yeah what will u do later on yeah later

Kake [:
3424 pts

02/12/2010 01:42 AM

lol nothing much...just this and that:P...gun go maqii in a bit:D...and you?

Kake [:
3424 pts

02/04/2010 02:38 AM

Hey Mr. Tom:P.