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Ok well, to start off, my name is obviously ~*Suzin*~ I'm pretty much MARRIED by common law. One of my BEST FRiENDS was killed in please keep our soldiers in your prayers.
[[We miss you && love you bubba]]

From Alvarado, TX
Build/Figure Athletic
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status In a Relationship
Religion Christian
Sign Aries
Occupation Other profession
Education Some college
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I'm *19* I have 4 BESTiES:: Carly, Meagan, Liz, && Shanin! They are the greatest friends I could ask for! I'm in a relationship with a WONDERFUL guy Cody. All my friends say they can tell I'm in love with him lol but I really dont wanna take it that far just yet..but looking at our relationship, I'm sure it'll go there lol!! I♥hangin out with the guys! I have been a model for about a year now. I'm hoping to sign with someone big soon. I went to New York for a competition with modeling. && bein my stupid self and wanting to finish school, I turned down a contract. Now I'm working 2 jobs. I like to go .:HUNTiNG:. && "CaMpInG" && 'skIIng'[BrRrRr]. Pretty much anything we can find to do we will do it! Lol! I'm the ~*CRAZIEST*~ one outta all of us in our [{GROUP}] I dont like the word *NO* {uugghhh} I'm not {concieted} its just that I love to get ~ComplimentS~ on how I look then I will !AgrEe! with you!! I dont like :LIARS: or ::FAKE:: people. I'll tell you what I think of you && if your fellings get hurt easy, then I'd say we better not hang out. I'm a {BLUNT} person. I say WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT, && I dont care if anybody likes it or not. I have no reason to 'lie' so I'm just goin to tell you how it is straight up! It's just [ME] so if you dont like it then /GET THE HELL OFF MY PAGE/ more about me:
♥Random Pics♥
♥Late nights @ parks with friends && cameras♥
♥Dr. Pepper♥
♥Texting keeps me alive♥
♥Songs you never hear on the radio♥:
[{Stockyards-Casey Donahew Band}]
"Small Town Kid-Eli Young Band"
*Boys From Oklahoma-Cross Canadian Ragweed*
/Pearl Snaps-Jason Boland/
&& LoTS mOre!!!
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♥Big Dirty Trucks♥
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♥Sunny Days♥
♥My Cell Phone♥
♥American Eagle♥
♥Abercrombie & Fitch♥
♥Pants with holes♥
{{iF THEY AiNT GOT 'EM, i MAKE 'EM!!}}
♥Big Sunglasses♥
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♥Dinner && a Movie♥
♥Dancin on Cars in the Sonic Parkinglot♥
♥Chinese Firedrill♥
♥Goin *HOLLYWOOD* Style with De && Ash♥
♥Buffalo Wild Wings then Putt~Putt♥
♥Monster Jams♥
♥Audrey Hepburn♥
♥Marilyn Monroe♥

ARIES: The Sexiest

Outgoing. Lovable. Spontanious. Not one to fuck with. Erotic. Funny. Take you on trips to the moon in bed. Excellent kisser EXTREMELY sexy. Loves being in long relationships.=) Addictive. Loud. Best in bed.
Music I love rock and country music!!
♥Taking Back Sunday
♥Red Jumpsuit Aperatus
♥Panic! At the Disco
♥Fall Out Boy
♥Head Automatica
♥My Chemical Romance

♥Death Cab for Cutie
♥Waking Ashland
♥Making April

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♥Hawthorne Heights
♥3 Doors Down
♥From First to Last
♥Jimmy Eat World
♥Chris Daughtry

♥Deanna Carter
♥Garth Brooks
♥George Strait
♥Faith Hill
♥Casey Donahew Band
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♥Cross Canadian Ragweed
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♥Tim McGraw
♥Carrie Underwood

♥Miranda Lambert
♥Taylor Swift
♥Clint Black
♥Deirks Bentley
♥Billy Curington
♥Shania Twain
♥Stoney LaRue
♥Eli Young Band
♥Trace Adkins

**Plus Many Many More**

Movies I love How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days && The Notebook! I also love football movies.
Sports I like to go to tha park and play volleyball and basketball. A lil soccer but tha first 2 are much better for me!
Hobbies I go out and run 3 times a week...gotta stay in shape! Um...some people usually dont count shoppin as a hobby not those SHOPPIN!!!
General I'm a REALLY out-going person! I usually dont get along with girls very well, and when you first meet me I may come off as a bitch but if you give me some time to get to know you, I'm not a bitch at all! I love to be doing something and having fun!

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10/14/2007 01:22 AM

aww thats so awsome!! yea thats a really kool feelin to feel them kick only i had 3 kickin..but thats so awsome ur gonna have to let me kno wen u find so happy for u..they r such blessing and so much fun..but yea as long as things go smoothly thats wat matters most..hope to talk to u later..luv ya bye

6487 pts

10/13/2007 01:07 PM

hey..omg that is so so awsome yall r together and havin a baby!! wow..wen is it due? how far along r u? im so happy for u thats awsome...i had mine september 6th..and 3 is a lot of work lol..but yea i really miss talkin to u..ive just been really busy i have a very limited life these days..but hit me up next time ur on..lyl!! bye

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09/08/2007 08:04 PM

Hey, whats up? How have you been? I have been good. Just the same old shit, on another day. So where is the party at this weekend? I feel like gettin drunk. Hey do you have a myspace? I dont use hoverspot as much anymore. Well talk to you later.

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07/07/2007 09:58 AM

hey girlie its me allison i havent talked to you in a while what has been goin on and when do i get to see a pic of your man? also uhhhh it took me long enough to read about you and i am exactly like you i tell the truth and nothin but the truth!! lol but hey yell back at me!!

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06/28/2007 08:44 PM

wat is goin on?

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06/26/2007 10:23 AM

im doing graet im about to go to school to be an EMT make the money you know what i mean

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05/04/2007 05:55 PM

do you got a pic of kendall?

1440 pts

05/04/2007 05:27 PM

that is a good one lol! so you tought him a lesson huh? well that is so funny! So has he said anything else bout that? did yall almost go in the water in the car??

1440 pts

05/03/2007 06:44 PM

that was a good one sis!

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05/01/2007 09:08 PM

whats up i miss being home but when i do go home for sarahs grad.hopefully we can hang out

1440 pts

04/28/2007 06:42 PM

Hey Girl! I havent talked to you in forever! what has been goin on? How are you? Are you Mrs.Suzin Moore yet? lol

1180 pts

04/27/2007 09:59 PM

whats up we havent talked to you im in arkansas at a job corp i will grad. in september but i am loseing weight to go to the army i have lost about 20 already so talk to you later

1440 pts

04/17/2007 02:59 PM

i havent talked to you in a while either! what have you been up too? me nuttin just tryin to hang in there! but anyways ill talkto you later i guess! peace

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04/13/2007 09:15 PM

Hey whats up? Nothing much here. I have to work. If I didnt I would definetly come out and party with u. Mabe some Saterday we could kick it.

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03/27/2007 07:14 PM

Hey what's up. Not much just got off work. I havent talked to you in a while. Just decided I would say hi and see how things are going. Hope things are good. Well ill talk to you later:)