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TADA I'm me yup yup im different but thats cool. things are weird but thats ok... see because if things were easy then the the wolrd would topple off of its axis and it would be the end of civilization as we all know it. O.O
*Read in the general pa

From Fort Worth, TX
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status Single
Religion Other
Sign Scorpio
Occupation Student
Education High school
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Im different and thats ok because i dont really need that many ppl like me in the world (it would implode) i guess i fall under the emo goth punk type of person but i make it my own. no copies here. I have an old dark soul dont ask me to explain how its not quite reincarnation because ive tried to explain it before its more difficult than it seems im in love with my computer,and thats pretty much about it.

Music lots of kinds manily rockish type like
from first to last
My chemical romance
The Bleeding alarm
Snow patrol
Death cab for cuttie
sum 41
blink 182
Story of the year
taking back sunday
lol so not alot of bands

Movies i like dark movies to (yeah i know) chick flicks<-- depends how chickie they are really umm i think my favorate movie would have to be the nightmare before christmass and sleepy hollow lol ok so my two favorate movies
Sports umm i dont play but i like watching them. hockey is good... so is foot ball :D lol yeah i know im not a normal girl
Hobbies painting writing drawing annoying ppl does constantly changing your hair color count?
General if your yourself aruond me i dont bite... hard... well ok not too hard... ok well ive been known to draw blood but that happens alot right?..>> << right!?
&Random Add On&
Have you ever had that moment of panic when you realize this is it...this is the moment everything ends...thats when your heart starts pounding in your think no this cant be this isnt so young..ive barely begun to live!..then you start to sweat..what if i end up in the wrong place! i havent done anything ive wanted to! i know i'll live it up push everything to the max.. but then the world goes by to fast..then ive missed everything.i dont want to miss a thing..ever..i dont want to be alone either..thats what scares me the most... have you ever had that moment right before you go to sleep? i have... its funny the thoughts you get when youre looking at the night sky... but its comforting in a way to think that people all over the world are looking at the stars thinking the same thing...and that right there thats the moment you realize your alive
*you guys this is me.. except the 'realize your alive'bit thats from a song.. but this is me..i lie so much in my life i figure i start being honest.. well guys this is me..i know its sad..*

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09/15/2007 05:09 AM

heyz whats up i havent been on in awhile im just letting you kno that im doing good and hope to talk to you laterz!!

* tc aleesha *

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10/06/2006 02:57 PM

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09/19/2006 01:35 AM

Thought I'd drop by and say "Hello"

Music my drug
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09/17/2006 08:40 PM

Hey am first to comment hey thanx for adding k