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cant wait to head to bama n visit my family.

With God on your side who can be against you.

From Loxley, IL
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Hello my BP people; my name is Edric. Im originally from Loxley, Al. Currently attending school in Iowa. First of all I want to give thanks to my almighty god, he is my everything. A little about my self. . . I am a laid back guy that tries to get along with everyone. I am down to earth, confident, humble, very positive, don't mind helping people, loyal. I keep it real all the time even if it hurts a little. I am a single guy that is focused on making myself a better person. . . mentally and spiritually. Im not on here to hook up, or try to find someone.I am just going to wait until God sends my Princess to me.I am tired of games now i finally put all that foolishness behind aside. Being singe is not a bad thing when I think about. A brotha is picky and i want settle for anything.I am on here for networking for my buisness and to help people with job oppurtunites. I also dont mind having decent conversations with positive individuals. I enjoy playing pool, spending time with family and friends, fishing,meeting new people, cooking, relaxing,watching movies,reading,working out, walks on the beach.
Music My favorite type of music i listen to is rap and r&b. My favorite artist would be lil wayne,T.I.,Luda,Usher,Mar y J,Angie Stone, Trick daddy and Aaliyah.But I guess it would depends on what mood Im in.
Movies I would have to say my favorite movie would be a thing line between love and hate with martin L.Any Given sunday is one of my favorite as well.
Sports Football is something i have a strong passion for. I been playing football since i was 6 yrs old its something i want to continue doing once im done wit college.
Hobbies I enjoy working,spending time with family and friends,cooking,shopping, fishing,meeting new people and relaxing.
General What u see is what u get with me. I try to keep it real so expect people to do the same.
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~ SugarLipz ~
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12/19/2011 05:04 PM

chillaxin what u doing?

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08/02/2010 03:50 AM

nothin much reall!!! same things as always....whats new wit u??

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07/24/2010 03:08 AM

nothin much what u been up 2???

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03/21/2010 05:36 PM


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11/18/2009 01:34 PM

how bout u show me sum love???
but i will....

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11/18/2009 04:20 AM

u know it,i dont have 2 tell u... ;)

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11/09/2009 03:43 AM

thank u a lot...urs aint bad either...

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08/21/2009 12:52 PM

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08/20/2009 04:57 PM

u welcome...

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08/20/2009 03:58 PM

nice pics....=)

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08/13/2009 03:27 AM

jus fine how bout u?

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07/07/2009 03:11 PM

im bout ta call you

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07/01/2009 03:44 PM

not bout u?

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07/01/2009 01:53 PM


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06/16/2009 02:40 PM

im good just at home tryna relax and get some rest.