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Pierced, Tattooed, Dyed Hair.... Wanting to have more fun, make new friends, possibly get more luck ;) Who dies quicker? The weak, tis I am not weak, or the things I have gone through would have already killed me. Wanna chat?

From Sheridan, WY
Build/Figure Average
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
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Religion Christian
Sign Virgo
Occupation Student
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They say for me being 20 I should have grown up a hell of a lot more than I have, but I feel I have grown up quite a bit since alot of shit has started to happen in my life. I am who I am for a reason and the rest of you can bugger off if that is a problem for you. Yes I am bisexual, yes I have piercings, yes I smoke, and yes I dye my hair but I am who I am! And if you cannot accept that then your not worth my time. If your only wanting to bring me down don't even bother talking to me.

I make mistakes just like anyone but I still try to find the good in life and be around the sexy people who I love with all my heart. Yesh I love my friends because their all special and dear to me within my heart. Without my friends I don't know what I would do because they have helped me get through alot of stuff expecially in the last few months.

Yesh, I am bisexual. Most people have a problem with that well if you do; bugger off and get off it. I am sorry we have had a very hard time and would like to be able to help you all out when we need to but if you cannot accept us for who we are then you have no point in being apart of this wonderful; hypocritical world. Honestly if your a "christian" and you get on here only to get on my case because I have dyed hair and piercings and that I am bisexual DON'T WASTE YOUR BREATH!! Beause I will use the bible against you! Just to prove you wrong, so don't even go there.

Life is hard and times get hard but when life tries to bring you down you gotta fight for the right to go on and live the way you wanna live and no one can tell you differently yesh we are all going to be critized and brought down but most of the time people are jealous of us and how we live and what we are doing with our lives. And if that is partially you then bugger off because everyone goes through hard stuff but not everyone can sit there and take it like a man or women.

*Part Deleted Because Someone Doesn't Think I Am What I Posted Here*
Music I am in three different bands and each one is different.

I like it loud and heavy! Sometimes I go for softer stuff but depends. Currently I like ALL Music.

Yeah I am also in choir. Music is awesome!

Yesh I play instruments....guitar; bass guitar; drums; keys; piano; clarinet; trumpet; big bass; alto saxophone; violin; organ; recorder; African drums; many more.
Movies Death Race

The Fast & The Furious series

I loveeeeeee Lord of the Rings.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Pinnapple Express

X-Men is good also.

Chronicles of Riddick is also VERY good.

Corpse Bride was good

Interview With A Vampire was bloody brilliant!

Harry Potter they are good but not like the books!

You know something I grew up watching the Land Before Time series and I still love it!

Wanna talk about old....Five Mile Creek series; loved it and still do. *shrug* What can I say I'm odd.
Sports Motocross rocks.

Football is interesting but College Football is best!

Kinda into Hockey but not as much as Motocross.

Hobbies Photography

Racing Motocross is a specialty.

4-Wheeling is a blast.

I love to read.

I write poetry/music/lyrics/short stories..

Racing cars is fun ;) but dont tell!

Talking online; updating websites; checking on friends.

Hanging with the bands that I am in.


General Being apart of life and fighting each day like it be the last.

Jamming with the bands that I am in....seriously music is like my life man when life is getting really bad they bring it up and so does the music!

I am into photography also, planning on beocming a bounty hunter and owning a club.

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Hey there, Yeah I know it has been forever since I have been around. *smiles* Just a busy life I guess...Warm Hugs,

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Hey there how are you doing? Great here... just busy with work, new boyfriend... stuff like that... *smiles*

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