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hey im janine hmm its a intro he hve to read my about me! durr!

From Monroe, NC
Build/Figure Slim
Ethnicity Latino / Hispanic
Sign Libra
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im janine i go to pr and i love life its great at time im leanrin a latin which is hard but awesome soo shove it! i love maklin up pharses! cus im the best i make ppl laugh and make them smile i have my moments when i can be a bitch and then be a sweety!i have planns for my lyf and i hope get ot them im not buim who sits on my ass all day even if u think i do it!yeh okay soo im a bookworm i love the read u call me and ask wat im doin is readin i read harry potter me and kait r goin to have orgasmic sex ith harry and malfoy!call me a nerd i dont care i dont care wat ppl say about me i HATE drama i relle do! but it seemd to come to me all the time my school is full of it and hoes sluts loves bitch posers dicks heart breakers and cheaters but its lyf ull learn from it....kk soo i tlk my mind and say wat i have too even is u dont lyk it i seem to be cocky but no im just confedent i lyk to thik wat ppl r around me r lyk and lyk think how they live i dont judge ppl even i do at times i dont mean it and cant help it!my friends and boy friend love me and thinks im great soo im happy my friends and love make my lyf and my mom is my hero just lyk my bro and sis my dads a bitch i he knos it i hatre him and im not his kiid!im not a follower im a leader!soo yeh i have learned lots of lyf and i have the best boifriend he makes me giggle!im goin to write more but if u have a myspace then heres my url
im out janine
Music haha i love everything
PANic at the disCO hawthorne heights greenday the used rilient k fall out boy from a second story window takin back sunday my getaway hollywood undead ryan cabera ashlee simspon all american rejects areosmith the beatles click five aqua eminem good charlotte the killers mariah carey maroon 5 josh kelly joss stone jet natasha bedingfield my chemical romance poison the pussycat dolls the postal service sean paul weezers yellowcard kelly clarkson gorillaz anna nalick 3 doors down like yestraday this wakin moment deleted by this artist silverstein d4l(only that lafyy taffy lol) jay z frankie j Dem Franchise Boyz out the window 3 days grace from first to last the first time macthbook romance and muchh more!
Movies THIRTHEEN mean girls, save the last dance, u got severeda , white chicks , freaky friday the notebook, crash, the longest yard , friday nite lights, raise ur voice , shall we dance, hitch, dirty dancin, saw, saw2, scar face, madagascar, 2 fast 2 furious, biker boyz, the grudge, finding nemo end of the spear series of unfortune events, rush hour, rush hour2, cheaper by the dozen, the girl next door, freddy got fingered, charlie and the chocalate factory, grease, 13 goin on 30, thirteen, high tension, the perfect man, ..thats all got so far that i remember..
Sports i love SocCer i love it!
andi lyk fb and baseball!
hmm i guess im a tom boy i love
ne sport
Hobbies pics! takin them! hehe i love them
erin katie and rachel! o buddy nate
and ivory r my hobbie lol but yehh i
hae lots of them im fun and up to ne thing!
i mean ne thinG!
General makin up pharses and drawin childish pics
bein a smart ass! andi i love it!
soo shove it!


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06/30/2006 04:00 PM

i love my janine-ie-pOo!

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06/06/2006 06:49 PM

Um duh we need to hang out... so tell me when and where!!!

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06/03/2006 02:25 PM

Hahah what it is honky!

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05/26/2006 10:47 AM

heyyy girlll!!
lunch is sooo funny!

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05/05/2006 01:02 PM

hey gay