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Hey I'm Shelly! Talk to me anytime :-)

From Richmondville, NY
Build/Figure Athletic
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status Single
Sign Pisces
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Hey I'm Shelly. I'm a silly easy going 20 year old. I just finished 2 years at Herkimer C.C.C. with my associates in Marketing. I'm working and living in Albany for now taking a break from school. I'm obsessed with playing basketball, the color purple and I'm super neat. I adore elephants and dangly earrings. I love Payless shoes, cheap clothes, pumpkin pie, & chocolate covered peanuts. I love my family and have the best friends in the world. I'm the kind of girl who would rather have a sleepover with my girlfriends than go out and party. I enjoy going out sometimes though and absolutely love making people smile and laugh. I do have a bit of trouble sticking up for myself. I am trying to learn how to put myself first. I love meeting and chatting with new people so feel free to talk with me anytime!
Music Mostly country but I listen to everything.
Movies Little Miss Sunshine, Love & Basketball, Serendipity, Pulp Fiction, Mafia, Duece Bigalo Male Gigalo, Happy Gilmore, Wedding Singer, Billy Madison, Fight Club, Madagascar, All 3 Xmen movies, Bubble Boy, Fat Albert
Sports I play Basketball and Soccer. I absolutely adorre the NY GIANTS. I am not jumping on the bandwagon either. I've loved them since I started watching games with my daddy when I was 3 years old. As for NBA I try to follow the NY Knicks as much as possible but I'm in love with Manu Ginobili and Baron Davis. As for college I loove loove Duke and Coach K!

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02/26/2009 07:35 AM

Stopping by to show some love! Hope ya have a Great day and weekend!

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02/10/2009 07:27 PM

Hi, just loved your pics

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07/20/2008 11:07 AM

hey im good how are u doin

New Kind Of Hero
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07/17/2008 08:28 PM

Good morning, Miss Shelly, and thank you for the add request. Have a great day, alright?

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07/15/2008 03:27 PM

lol no idea its long haired and grey im loading a pic of it onto my myspace lol

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07/15/2008 02:25 PM

hey shell get this someone dropped a kitten off at our house im gonna take it to jasons lol

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07/14/2008 11:26 PM

thanks for the add acceptance

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09/16/2007 10:40 PM

Hey sweetie thanks for adding me hope you have a great evening

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05/11/2007 12:49 PM

haha i dont even understand hoverspot but its the only thing i can get on in school... and this is the first time i have been on here in months. so i had chicken wings for lunch there is a funny story behind that tho......:-)

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04/14/2007 02:48 AM

hey hun im sooooo drunk sooooo i think im gonna pass out now lol

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04/14/2007 12:14 AM

had to do it, im making up for all the friends u have here at college :D
love you babe

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03/12/2007 01:58 PM

you look so pretty in this pic and if kate gives you crap let me kno ill hold her and u can write on her face

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01/26/2007 09:46 PM

hey skank i love u too n e ways im so pumped to b wasted in a lil while :D