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From Lynchburg, VA
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Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status Single
Religion Baptist
Sign Virgo
Occupation Sales / Marketing
Education Some college
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holla people i am ashlea... i am 18 years old soon to be 19. i have the best bf in the world who i wouldnt be able to go without. so you know i am not interested in guys older than 24 .... so dont add me or message me if you are older than that... it wont work.
Music Three Days Grace is my total favorite band ever..... but i listen to most anything... i decide when i hear it
Movies i love phantom of the opera and also the saw movies and 13 ghosts and you can ask me later i will think of more.
Sports i like to play volleyball and soccer but i dont play on teams..... i dont work well with prissy girls i would rather have fun with the guys.... because i grew up with 5 brothers...
Hobbies I sing and i write poetry... yeh prissy but hell i gotta be sometimes.


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Goth/Emo's Rule
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06/30/2008 12:22 PM

Hey whats going on cutie?

Goth/Emo's Rule
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08/08/2007 10:38 PM

Hey just dropping by to show some love!

Goth/Emo's Rule
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04/16/2007 05:47 PM

yep yep!

Goth/Emo's Rule
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04/16/2007 05:46 PM

just wanted to make some new friends cause im new to this site!

Goth/Emo's Rule
1456 pts

04/16/2007 05:40 PM

thats good! I use to hate going to english lol!

Goth/Emo's Rule
1456 pts

04/16/2007 05:37 PM

good now that im home and can relax! so how has your day been!

Goth/Emo's Rule
1456 pts

04/16/2007 05:20 PM

Hey whats going on?

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04/08/2007 12:12 PM

hey, thx for the add, whats up?

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04/04/2007 03:19 PM

hey, whats up? what are you doing? me just checkin my emails and kickin back, so i just wanted to show your page some huh? you have a nice day, holla back...bye

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04/03/2007 08:28 PM


1158 pts

04/02/2007 12:49 AM

not that much jus bein bored

1158 pts

04/02/2007 12:45 AM

hey wut lately?????

Jessica is a mom
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03/27/2007 12:22 PM

hey girl.

ive been ok. been really busy. sorry it took so long to get back at you.

how you been.

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03/26/2007 12:15 AM

i am lookin at u baby doll

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02/26/2007 09:18 PM

it was good didnt do to much on nothing but chill