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cnt wait for the new year coming up....have a lot of things planned....

well im a single mother of now 3 beautiful boys. julio, douglas and james.they are my everything...i wouldnt ask for anything moe then to have more kids...someday ill have the girls when the time is right...i got to collage for nursing and also a

From poughkeepsie, NY
Build/Figure Athletic
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status In a Relationship
Religion Not Religious
Sign Leo
Occupation Self-Employed
Education Some college
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well im a very out goin person. i like to go out and have fun bc u only live once so u have to go out and do the things u like to up for trying and doing new things. i have a great the gurl that every guy or grl wants or dreams about.i have a lot of they say u cant judge a book by its cover and i see lots of people do also the kind of friend most people look for but dont give the chance u can talk to me bout ne thing n ill give u the best advice that i can.i see that i help so mny people with all kinds of things.well ne way if u want to know more im me on ne of my messengers or ht me up with a message and ill get back to u.
Music r n b, hip-hop,rap,dance,techno, country, etc
Movies horror, comedy, romance, tvs series, etc
Sports b-ball, soccer, football, baseball, swimming, hiking, rollerblading, hockey, race cars, motorcyle racing, etc
Hobbies well too long of a list so youll have to ask on that one
General just a had working mother


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