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hey i am kenny and i like to help out with my church and i like to play football and basketball and i love to cuddle. i have a nephew and he is three and his name is skyler and i have a 1 year old nephew and his name is kaleb and i have a niece and she wa

From port huron, MI
Build/Figure Athletic
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status Married
Religion Catholic
Sign Leo
Occupation Other profession
Education Some college
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i am 27 and i love my 2 nephew one is 2 years old and his name is skyler and the other one is kaleb and he is all most a 1 year old he will be on on the 18th of july and i love my family and i get out when i can i hope u all like me

Music i like all types of music and i like dmx and tupac and for rock i like mateallica and pantera and godsmack and some greed and i like a little country
Movies i like all types of movies and i like horry movie and like some comady and i like some action movies
Sports i like football the most and i like basketball and i play some vollyball and some baseball so i like all types
Hobbies i like to bild moddle cars and i like to hang with my friends and i like to party some times and i like to help out my friends that mean the most to me
General i like to cump and i like to be out dorrs

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08/27/2008 06:43 PM

boo! i saw u on and i felt like droppin u a comment :)

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07/10/2008 01:52 PM

I love so much baby words can't explain why I love u so much.

wayne's girl
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06/22/2008 06:16 PM

ok i was a lil nice the first time when i asked u this, but now im pissed!!! u really need to change that shit about me and u bein married, its really fuckin annoyin, and ya well thankz and bye!!!

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06/16/2008 09:36 AM

rai rai
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06/09/2008 11:49 AM

hey sexy..ill make ur page a lil brighter..i cant wait to b ur gf..whenever that time comes..i love u so much babe mwah <3

wayne's girl
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06/08/2008 10:48 AM

fuck u, me and u are not together anymore, so u need to fuckin change ur fuckin page on here. bye

wayne's girl
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04/14/2008 12:55 PM

hey baby i love u so much!!! and im glade that we are engaged!! well i just wanted to say i love u!!!xoxoxoxo

~Ur PrInCeSs~
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02/14/2008 03:57 PM

Valentine's Day Glitter Comment Graphics

wayne's girl
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11/15/2007 12:05 PM

hey, u really need to get on more offten, so i can talk to u, i really need to tell u something!! well ok i will talk to u later, buh bye

wayne's girl
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10/11/2007 10:43 AM

hey guess wht? i finally got my tatoo, and it hurt, but i love it!! lol well just wanted to know whts up and all that well ill hopefully talk to u later buh bye.

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10/04/2007 10:30 PM

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brandie scott
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10/01/2007 01:39 PM

hey kenny how r u doing r u still at jobcore

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09/24/2007 01:45 PM

hey baby i just wanted to say hi and i love you

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09/24/2007 09:14 AM


Nina Marie
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09/20/2007 02:14 AM

Have a good night and a wonderful morning, my friend