love sucks
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sick of life. sick of everything... just wanna slit my throat and die... dont get depressed like me.. b/c u'll never be happy again once u do

if u love someone.. stick wit em.. dont fuck it up and lose em.. cuz it'll come back to haunt u

From Carthage, NY
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Education High school
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Alex Rosenblum
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01/31/2012 09:03 PM

hey how r u its been a long long time since we last tlk to each other how are things going?

Ron Horel
4362 pts

03/02/2009 07:48 PM

hey hope u get my email i sent u cutie =)

Ron Horel
4362 pts

03/01/2009 08:30 PM

hey u i cant reply to u by message but i am doing great just at job corps my email is u can get a hold of me better on email or mailing me my address is ron horel dorm D1 clearfield job corps center PO Box 160070 Clearfield UT 84016-0070

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01/29/2009 07:38 PM

Hey babe

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01/27/2009 07:27 PM

im so sorry sarah
i kno u want him back more than anything
u miss him like crazy and all u wanna do is have him hug u and never let go... i kno the feeling

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01/27/2009 07:21 PM

i kno sarah i kno

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01/27/2009 07:03 PM

come on sarah dont do this to urself he'll come around

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01/27/2009 06:59 PM

idk punch a pillow or scream on top ur lungs idk

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01/27/2009 06:55 PM

trust me he loves u he'll come back

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01/27/2009 06:50 PM

sarah dont give up on him plz
he wants u happy doesn't he? he'll come back cuz he knows he's the only thing that does make u happy.. nothing else does? u dont smile or anything in school anymore
and stop punching walls and stop wit the knives ok
dont cut urself i kno u want to
he'll come back

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01/27/2009 06:43 PM

im srry hun
i wish he would come back and keep that lauren chick as a friend but of course he doesn't take anyone elses advice

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01/27/2009 06:41 PM

really that soon?
i dont think he'll come back by friday....
can't u ask ur mom for a lil bit more time to make up ur mind on wat u want

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01/27/2009 06:37 PM

u are strong and u are fighter, dont give up on life, dont give up on u and tyler
i kno he's gaven up but thats b/c he's weak, he's scared to be in love so he lets other ppl get in the way, he needs to realize
he didnt wanna hurt u anymore but when he broke up wit u now ur trying to die?
and u might be moving and he's the only one u'll listen to not to move

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01/27/2009 06:33 PM

i kno ur scared sarah
and u wont die i promise, ur strong and a fighter, dont give up
and idk when he's gonna realize.... sarah guys are all the same,
tylers like jeff i kno
jeff came back to u and u wouldn't go back to him....
i kno tyler will come back and i kno for a fact u'll go back to him.

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01/27/2009 06:28 PM

i kno u can die at anyime sarah, thats why i wanna make suer when me and shawn leave ur gonna be ok,
sarah tylers gonna realize how amazing u are and he's gonna come back i promise
just dont try to kill urself faster than wat u already are,
get the surgery and live