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what if i had a thing on the side..made you cry??
would the rules change up or would they still apply??
If i played you like a toy??
Sometimes i wish i could act like a mother fucking boy!!

From Yo MaMa's HouSe, AR
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Hey yall!!! my name is summer!! i'm 17!! i love cheerleading,talking,hanging out with friends...ALOT!!!! i am BI and i do like girls. hehe.So come on talk to me guys..and girls!! oh and bitches if your man talks to me dont call me the whore...its not my fault your man likes me!!! oh and yes i did get a boob job too by the way bitches!! so stop saying shit but thanks your just making me the center of your world!! ok i have nothing else to say so bye bye!!!love yall!

!?*SuMmAlIcIoUs....WaNnA tAsTe???

Music fergie is my favorite! i also like danity kane, ciara, avril lavinge, ashlee simpson, jessica simpson, ashley tisdale, britney spears, cherish, daughtry, hinder, pussycat dolls, justin timberlake, mariah carey, nelly furtado, 3 doors down, Beyonce, shakira, gym class heroes, mims, jim jones, young jeezy, and a lot more!!!

Music Video Codes By Music

Music Video Codes By Music

Music Video Codes By Music

Movies step up, dirty dancing, how to loose a guy in 10 days, john tucker must die, the notebook, mean girls, sweet home alabama, stick it, you me and dupree, coyote ugly, bringing down the house, the prince and me, the stepford wives,the ring, the ring 2, all the saw movies and more.

Sports Cheerleading, track, baseball, and beach vollyball!
Hobbies talking!!!shopping! tanning, going to the beach, working out, partying, dancing, eat hah hah, hanging out with friends, and sleeping.

General anything thats fun..talking to guys,riding 4 wheelers, cheerleading,dreinking, going to the lake,ect.

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04/24/2007 01:07 PM

yeah it should be!..But i'm gonna get going--I'll talk to you later, have a good one chica!

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04/24/2007 12:50 PM

OOH same same!..just getting ready!..Gonna go get my nails done and then go watch my friend play baseball!..

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04/24/2007 12:42 PM

Hey chica!..Whats going on!?

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04/23/2007 08:40 AM

hey whats up

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04/19/2007 01:21 PM

yea he said he was really close to the library when it all went down. he's doin good though

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04/18/2007 12:41 PM

nm. just at school at the moment and trying to find out how my cousin is doing. he goes to Virginia Tech.

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04/16/2007 05:30 PM

nothing much just sitting here on my couch being bored

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04/16/2007 05:24 PM

its not a problem

donald cutler
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04/11/2007 12:14 PM

cool fun baby

donald cutler
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04/11/2007 11:53 AM

hi sweet
wazup? how are u how was ur day?

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04/08/2007 05:39 PM

Wish I wuz up fer u now

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04/08/2007 02:11 PM

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ All you can need. Rules!

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04/05/2007 07:17 PM

hewy whats up?

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04/05/2007 05:05 PM

hey hey. what's up?? how you doin?...

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04/04/2007 05:42 PM

Nothing at school about to go home.. and work out