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6 foot 8
Male, 45 Years Old  
5272 Points
  Last Login: 01/19/2014
I'm bored, come talk to me! Thank Gawd the Vacation is Almost over!

Live by Chance, Love by Choice, Tow by Profession!
If it won't fit, FORCE it, if it breaks, it needed to be replaced anyway!
*Do NOT ask to add me unless you've read my Profile, if you add me and then ask me ignorant question

From Virginia Beach, VA
Build/Figure Athletic
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status Single
Religion Christian
Sign Taurus
Occupation Other profession
Education Bachelors degree
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Please Read, and if you don't understand, it can never be explained to you!

Give it your all!, or don't try! There is no more reason for half ass'n things in this lifetime. Do it right, or don't do it at all. Learn from your mistakes, don't repeat it if it did not work right the first time, it won't work right the second time if its the same. We all have common sense, USE IT! Don't hurt others, no matter how much they may have hurt you, because once you have burned the bridge, you can not walk safely on the ashes. You never know when you may need someones help, so keep it real, right, and simple! Do not stress over things that you can not change, its just going to lead to heartache. If you like someone, tell them, and if you have to be overly sensitive when going about it, its because you know in your heart that its not right, listen to your heart, not your thoughts, your heart will only lead you wrong if you ignore the sign's. Time can change everything, just have to accept what you can not always fix right away.



Sports Umm....not really into sports... what can I say? there is more to do then watch other people make money!  

I DJ part time at a "biker bar" in Chesapeake, Va. .... Joker's Bar and Grille...  
General I work a lot, but I am happier when I am working! I have a solid work ethic, and when those who question my work ethic, I put them in their place! It's my life, not yours! I work, I make money, I pay my bills, I am the keeper of myself, I will never be on welfare, and I will never be poor, I have goals and dreams, and no one is going to stop me. Don't like it, piss off. Seriously, the wolf is always out waiting to attack, the ones that survive are the ones that use their common sense!

I smoke Cig's.. Marlboro Reds... (Cowboy Killers), I drink when I feel like it. I have been known to smoke pot, but not in over 10 years, its just not something that I have ever enjoyed. I have been struck by moving vehicles twice in my life and from that, my body is busted up, but its from the Profession that I love being in, a part of, and I will never stop unless it kills me, or I find something that I love to do more. Being a wrecker driver is the 14th most dangerous profession in the United States today, but if you've never done it, you will never fully understand it.

I have never collected Unemployment, I go out and work, there is always work. There are a lot of people that are not working, they can blame the economy all they want, but they are lair's, because there is a difference in what people can do, and what people are willing to do! There are some that use the fact that their jobs fell through as a crutch not to work and use Government Assistance, and their are people like me that when faced with it, go out and do what is right, swallow our pride at times and keep ahead of the curve! I have been hurt while at work before, I healed, went back to work and kept moving forward. I have been addicted to pain killers, I recognized that the pills were controlling me, and stopped the cycle... its called reality!, get with the program, or just go shoot yourself in the head and put yourself out of a real persons misery! Don't like what I have to say, click on the little "X" at the top right side of your browser.

I have met a lot of people in my life, some good, some bad, and some that never really crossed my mind again... if you like what I have to say, talk to me, if you don't, don't. Either way, its life, lets get to it. There is nothing we do that takes longer then life, Life is NOT short, and if you think that it is, then you really need to go outside some more!

I EARN a Damn' Fine living, but I am the one that am out in all kinds of fucked up Weather conditions, walking two inches from traffic going 85mph, and risking MY life to help others, so if you look at me as a fucking paycheck, or want a handout, carry yourself to Goodwill and leave me the Hell alone! Point taken?!? I am not jaded, I am just keeping it real! Don't like it, carry your ass, turn around and walk away, I want to see the back of your head get small! Everyone wants to be wealthy, everyone wants financial freedom, but someone has to earn it... I want all the above and I am well on my way, but again, I've earned me. If you think just because you have a pussy, and a tight frame, you are entitled to everything that I have busted my ass for, then think again. There are suckers out there, I am NOT one of them, I am not as Easy as you might think, never mistake my kindness as a weakness.

I have dated women from all over the World, you may not believe it, or understand it, but you are not me. I am a good person, and those who are real recognize that I am real as well. I am not from one area, I have gone out and lived, I know where I am, where I am going, and where I want to be. I do not have to be tied down to one place, the World is just too large for that, and I will only settle in one place if I am ever with the Love of My Life and it is a mutual decision. Get it? Good! Be real people, otherwise, go away!   

8577 pts

12/27/2009 05:36 PM are you ? hope you have a happy holiday too

326 pts

11/29/2009 10:47 AM  

Hey buddy have not talk to in along time you so if you are up to call me some time..bother from anther mother

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09/19/2009 12:46 AM  

so glad to hear from you. i think about you to, i havent been on here in awhile.hope all is well with you as well....
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09/17/2009 05:25 PM  

miss you old buddy.......always thinking of you

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02/25/2009 04:17 PM  

miss you buddy.hope all is to ya soon:).always,lauren

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12/25/2008 01:46 AM  


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12/22/2008 08:09 PM  


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12/19/2008 11:37 AM  

Derek-everything you wrote to me i thank you. fianlly another thoughful and compassionate person. i'm grateful for your friendship. i thank you more then words can express. it means a lot to me, with all the words you are a wonderful person, understanding, respect, care, belief, hope , faith, joy, true and just be you.have a wonderful day and holiday.thinking of you always. dont work too hard, glad to hear you are doing so wonderful. you are an amazeing person as well .

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12/19/2008 11:17 AM  

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12/09/2008 11:27 PM  

Hello derek how are you.
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03/30/2008 02:04 PM

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02/28/2008 12:26 AM  

whenn u movinnnn?
whats been goin onnn?

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02/05/2008 08:55 AM  

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02/04/2008 07:54 PM  

haha yeah
holy shitt eh
hopefully all is good with u
all's good with me

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01/20/2008 08:27 PM  

my new year is starting ok . how about your's ?