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Female, 35 Years Old  
182 Points
  Last Login: 05/23/2009

My name is Janet and I'm from that Aggtown 817 Baby.

So wat it do .. ?

Well peeps hit it up !

From Arlington, TX
Build/Figure Average
Ethnicity Latino / Hispanic
Marital Status In a Relationship
Religion Catholic
Sign Virgo
Education Some college
janet's Hover Buddies (2 total)

Appricate Sexy
1437 pts

Music My girl got me listening to rock , but i like listening to

country , hip hop , rnb , and Mexican music the most .

But im flexible I like anything and everything .  
Movies I like chick flicks and also everything else that has a good story line .  
Sports SOFTBALL ......... Softball ......... Softball........  
Hobbies I like to do alot of stuff but mainly hang out wit my girl .

Just layin back in enjoying life .

I also like the outdoors .... and as well my sofa ... by the TV ....  
General But yeah thats a lil about me .. um .. im cool and funny and a blast to be stupid wit cuz i act like a kid at times ...

I like to live life to the fullest and I really dont care wat people think of me .. I like to act an ass but at the same time i can act my age   

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